What to Expect When Quitting Meth


The physical withdrawal symptoms a person experiences while quitting meth are not as severe as for people quitting other types of drugs. That’s not to say, however, that quitting meth is any less difficult. Meth users can go through a variety of physical and intense emotional withdrawal symptoms, most common of which are fatigue, hunger, sleep cycle disruptions, restlessness, and cravings.


Psychological Withdrawal from Meth

While quitting meth, severe psychological withdrawal symptoms are most common, and they present the biggest challenges. As with all withdrawal symptoms, the severity will be affected by factors such as how long a person was addicted to meth, how much they used each day, and the presence of other medical conditions or additional drug use. After an addict’s last dose of meth, it takes about 24 to 48 hours for it to be cleared from their system. Methamphetamines essentially raise the levels of dopamine in a person’s brain. Dopamine affects a variety of psychological processes, and it most notably affects feelings of pleasure and reward. Methamphetamines also destroy dopamine receptors in the brain. After quitting meth, addicts can descend into a deep depression and experience anhedonia, which is the inability to feel pleasure. Additional psychological withdrawal symptoms can include paranoia, psychosis, anxiety, agitation, suicidal thoughts, and vivid, lucid nightmares. All of these symptoms can be severe and may last for weeks, and depression can persist much longer.


Treatment for Meth Withdrawal

The best way to quit using meth is to detox in the safety of a medical center. Because meth withdrawal is mostly psychological, the detox center can provide a supportive atmosphere and try to keep patients comfortable. Many meth users are also detoxing from other drugs, too, however, so they may need to receive medical treatment for other withdrawal symptoms. In the process of quitting meth, a person may experience experience severe depression, anxiety, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, or sleep problems that last longer than one or two weeks. They might be treated with medication like antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication (non-benzodiazepine), anti-psychotic medication, or sleep aids.

It can be difficult to treat these problems for those who are quitting meth, because it can be a long time, usually months, before their brain chemistry improves. In very severe cases, the damage done to a meth addict’s brain can be permanent. The most effective treatments are those that are multifaceted and may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, group and individual counseling, education on drugs, addiction, and relapse, and a program (for example, a 12-step program specifically for meth addicts is Crystal Meth Anonymous). Former meth addicts may also need to get treatment for dental or skin problems, or other physical deterioration’s that occurred during their addiction. As long as a meth addict is willing to accept help and work toward change, a full recovery is achievable.

Quitting meth is a very serious life choice. Meth has very destructive qualities to it, and it is especially harmful to your body. Your best option is to detox, and then attend an addiction treatment center. Too often people try quitting meth without professorial help, and very rarely does it work out.


ulises acosta - January 19, 2014.

I been sober for 1 moth but I still wounder how long do I need to be ok

Emmalee Barnes - January 21, 2014.

Been sober itll be 2 years as of 6.30.14

stress remedy - February 13, 2014.

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LpzA - February 15, 2014.

Been sober for one month. I haven't touched Meth or been Around anyone who goes at it. I'm wondering how long it will take for my mood swings to go away and my cravings ? Thanks

LpzA - February 15, 2014.

I sometimes feel "lost" like I'm not this sober person IAM now. I guess I got so custom being the "superstar kid" while in meth that now in like WTF who am I? Ugh makes me wanna go get high so I can feel "normal" again but I know meth is evil and I don't want any part of it

Alicia - February 20, 2014.

I've been sober going on 2 months after 4 years of using as much as i wanted daily i have no problem with drug cravings but have extreme anxiety in public

Elaine - March 18, 2014.

I am married to a meth addict; I abuse alcohol. He cannot get beyond the first week without meth, although we once went over a month without. Off of meth he is a nice, funny human who says he feels great and life is better. So why do we end up back to using? Because we do not realize it is a lifelong battle and we do not seek treatment. We think we can do it ourselves, we just have to figure out what it takes. Can couples get sober together?

Tim Stoddart - March 18, 2014.

Anything is possible Elaine. You should call us we will hep you through it. 866-317-7050.

maria - March 19, 2014.

I just found out my 18 is using meth. I'm very sad and confused. I want to help her but don't know how. Please someone help me. Please email me mf010673@gmail.com. I want to just lock her in a room for days until she sobers up...then get counseling.

Kari - April 6, 2014.

If I can give someone hope an change their life I'm going to share with you my story of recovery. I was 24 when my best friend brought meth to my door. My life went on a roller coaster ride that I couldn't get off for 12 years I was a user not an abuser. Thinking I was a little better but it wasn't I wish I would of never touched it. It destroyed my life and the rebuilding of my life has been a very trial episode. Five years ago was my deepest darkest hole of quitting im 5years clean and I will never look back and think that I could ever touch meth again my life has turned around tremendously to actually have hope and and Live my lifethink it'll always get better each day don't ever quit trying to get off even if you fall back and just know that it is possible and it is I did it by myself in a house by myself and that's after 12 years so we're stronger than we think with a supported family too helps. An what I learned from my usage is I have to love myself no matter what no one is going to love you unless you love you first take care

sharlene - April 29, 2014.

When I met my partner he was full of life, he had a good job and was over joyed to be dating me. I knew he smoked meth but in my circle of friends at the time that was no surprise. I started smoking it with him and things got so out of control. We both quit a year ago, have not touched it since. Meth was not a problem for me, I used it for 6months and it was easy to say goodbye to it. No cravings no nothing. However, my partner had been using for 8years. He wasn't a junkie hanging out for it. But he did use every weekend, by the end it got really bad. He almost lost his mind. But a year later we have come light years from where we were, I want to marry this man. But, he still struggles with cravings and bad thoughts. I think he maybe depressed but he would never admit it or seek help. How do you deal with the cravings.or help them go away. There is no chance of relapsing but we just want this to be over with.

crystal - May 26, 2014.

I've been clean for almost a year and it took me almost two months to get to where i could get out of bed. My depression and anxiety were through the roof but now that I've beaten that demon I'm better than ever. I hope that everyone struggling with this addiction finds three help they need. I did it on my own. Relapsed a couple times but only for a day or two each time and then when i realized the effect it had on me i felt stupid for even thinking about it. It's extremely hard but Vertu possible and very worth it! God luck to all who need it!

crystal - May 26, 2014.

The cravings don't go away until you know you Ste done. If you still have cravings you will likely relapse but you can pull yourself back out! I never thought my cravings would go away and for some they don't. It'd mostly just about having the will to better yourself for you, family, God, friends, any and everyone who if there to sorry you through this difficult time in your lives

kord - May 29, 2014.

I've been sober now for exactly five months now. I was a hard addict for a year and a half, I was using every day so happy to have stopped this it really took a toll on my life. I've done it all on my own no doctor or anything but some times I think my body maybe still maybe trying to get rid of the toxin. I seem to over heat a lot every day and I start sweating has anyone else felt this and will it ever go away? Also to everyone else struggling with this drug you can quit if u really want to quit its hard but u can do it.

Alleycat - June 1, 2014.

I been a user for about 12 years when i would come in from working out of state i would use on my time off. I was a functional addict. Until the love of my live started shooting i had never withness first hand what this drug could reduce a person to. She has been to rehab, prison and now rehab again. It was a real i opener for me and i am clean. So far i havent even thought about using because most of my days are spent worring about her recovery. I will stand by her as long as she continues to try. This drug will distroy your family life. Dont be fooled you are dead inside while on this drug no happy ending.

natalie - June 10, 2014.

I have used meth for the past 7 years of my life.. I'm 26 now and the past two years i was in a really bad place and realized how bad a hold it had on my whole existence. I honestly still don't know who i am without it. But i realized how much i don't want it anymore. No one in my life knows that i have done it that long. They still don't. And i ended up saving every penny i could to travel to London to get away from the sh*t town i live in and saw how happy i was able to be, sober, myself, not even thinking about it. And now i'm back home and in a town I can't get out of. No support and doing it on your own is so hard. My room is in the garage, no windows. I have good days, and then days i just sleep. My life is passing me by but i just still can't be consistent with keeping myself motivated to find my way in life here. I haven't bought meth in months now, and was doing really well until now i've found every piece and scraped to get little hits just to escape pathetically. I had one night my friend came by to give me some adderall so i could at least have a little help in getting up to try to use my days, and we smoked and i truly decided that i absolutely don't want any part of what i had done for so long. There's no one in this town, or in my life, that i am ready to trust with my story because i know it wouldn't be possible to have the support i would hope for, not even close. I hope to get through this, and i hope i find a way soon. I know i don't want to do it anymore, but i wish i knew how to save the rest of my 20s to stop living in this darkness as everyday goes by. I wish i had the support some people are so blessed to have. I wish i could have been everything i had thought i could be, without the drug ending up the only thing i knew. Best of luck to all of you.

Kelly - June 11, 2014.

I've been using method for over a year pretty hard core. I smoked it. I tried to quit 2 Weeks ago and slept for 4 days round the clock so went back using to function again. I've tried to stop again. On day 2 & the nightmares, fear and random noises I hear around the house jolt me upright and I start balling my eyes out. I'm terrified but will NOT go back using. Wish I had my very own angel to cuddle into at night. So freaky and scary.

Kelly - June 11, 2014.

Oh and also, when do the nightmares, sleep parallelisis and fear and terror stop? Thanks from Australia....

Kelly - June 14, 2014.

Freaky nightmares stopping thank God., now just having weird ass ones. Still sleeping round the clock. Been 6 days junk free. Soooooo tired still.

Dawn - June 24, 2014.

I've been sober almost 7 years off meth, but I did it on my own. After I quit, I suffered real bad anxiety and had panic attacks. I still have anxiety. I was a daily user unless I was sleeping for a few days. I miss the drug , but I can't do it anymore cause it's only fun if your 100% down. I wonder if the anxiety will just longer forever. Good luck people, being sober is hard and dull sometimes but so much more rewarding and you look better. :)

J - June 25, 2014.

It's hard bug you can do it.... You will sleep and feel so exhausted when you quit. Expect 7 days of sleeping and eating rubbish. Week two - 4 - you will crave sugar and feel depressed. It gets easier every day. Don't think about it and don't associate with people who do it around you. Replace with healthy options like yoga. Do not exercise (gym) for first month as you'll be fatigued.... Slowly introduce exercise.... When you have cravings and you will try looking at photos of people who use - that helps. Avoid alcohol in situations.... See professional psychologist - there is a reason why you started in first place, address those issues. It's a disgusting drug... Ruins lives and ruined me for a short brief time after 10 years away from it! I will never look back. How can anyone enjoy staying up and being obsessed by it. Don't look back just move forward and focus on you! Good luck

J - June 25, 2014.

Dawn/Kelly with anxiety it can be helped. There are techniques, I've been taught by natural healers (see a good practitioner) . Learn NOT to fight it...moment of anxiety let yourself notice it and feel it.... Once you recognise it and feel it by addressing it, it goes away. If you can't sleep trying writing down thoughts. Breathing is important and yoga is great :-)

Alie - July 8, 2014.

Wow, loved reading all these great stories, i was actually googling "ways to quit meth" and came across this website. My story goes like this. I've been using for the past 3 yrs , my fiance 22 yrs . We both seem to use to numb whatever it is to numb in our lives, (pain, sorrow, stress anger) etc... at least for me it is and i also drink a fifth vodka daily. Since day one for me I've always thought, "no worries", i can stop whenever i need and want to stop, well two trips to jail in the past year with this last time serving 2 months, losing my kids, losing my looks each and every day, losing my health, but definitely not losing my faith in God. This is why i know that we can overcome this demon of a drug and with the success stories that i have read, i am one step closer to having my success story on here as well to read. And hopefully someone like myself will Google ,ways to quit meth" and share their success story as well. Pay it forward. ♥♥♥ God bless and good to everyone★★★

Alie - July 8, 2014.

Good luck to everyone★★★

Lisa - July 10, 2014.

My husband & I both used everyday for 5 years. We are both over 3 years sober now. We have been to hell & back together so, I will say YES, a couple can quit together! The biggest fear (for us) of quitting was the withdrawl & knowing that we would both be in bed, around the clock, for a week but, we dealt with it. I would say I got my sense of normalcy back after being clean about 6 months. It takes time.....don't give up!!! The anxiety, fatigue, & nightmares do stop! I lost so much during that 5 years that now I look back & think WTH were we thinking to do that evil drug for so long? We have absolutely no desire to go back to that lifestyle but, you have to cut ties with all that do it or are associated with it. If you don't, you will never quit & be able to stay sober. I hope this helps all who are struggling with this drug.

stephen - July 15, 2014.

Hey everyone! I'm 25yo and went from being an all-american guy to using method all day every day for 2yrs straight. You'd be amazed to see how quick and how far down meth took me in a short period of time. Went from having everything going for me to absolute hell. I tried to quit on my own but only lasted a couple weeks. Obsession was too much for me so I went to a rehab in los Angeles. Did a 30 day program there. At the facility I heard a recovered drug addict speak at one of the groups I was in and I could totally relate to him. Method was great for a while! It gave me that sense of ease and comfort of escaping reality. Every time I took a hit I would just keep going and keep going. My life became unmanageable. I had to have meth to function. Meth was my solution for so long. I used it to get through my days, but it stopped working and was destroying me. I needed a different solution. A solution without the negative side effects. I found that solution in a 12 step program. Any addict or alcoholic who is reading this PLEASE do yourself a life saving favor and join a 12 step program. Find a sponsor who will guide you through the 12 steps and your life will change before your very eyes! We have a chronic disease that is incurable but 100% treatable. I have a yr clean next week July 22nd and I completely owe it to the 12 steps and the grace of God! God does not make too hard terms with those who earnestly seek Him. God Bless!

Lily - July 19, 2014.

This message is meant for all the families of addicts. My daughter started using Christmas of 2012 and everything went south very fast. In January 2013 she was arrest for possession, we fought to protect her but she continued down this journey....ended up homeless for three months, went through 2 inpatient rehabs and 2 outpatient rehabs, finally 3 months in jail was life altering...however she did not have the wherewithal until about a long year of sobriety During all of this it felt like my family was living hell. We finally were able to find the best addiction management psychiatrist and my daughter was diagnosed with bi polar and now is on a mood stabler...she also keeps busy in college. We are supportive and grateful for everyday...our family is now stronger then ever. Meth destroys everything and I mean everything....you lie, cheat, steal, loss trust, bankrupt and breaks apart families...this journey will literal break your heart and spirit and if you are lucky will eventual leave a mark verses a headstone to reflect on. Any addicts reading this post, I might not literally know what it feels like to come down from the high or deal with the major depression that sets in, caring for absolutely nothing but I can tell you it can be done I've seen it with my own eyes with my own daughter. It does get better, please try and surround yourself with a support system...you do have people that care, get away from your old friends...you will need to start a new life...exercise it helps with the dopamine and serotonin that has been depleted, find hobbies..hiking...school, find something that you give 110% and engulf yourself in this...you can do this I promise. Familes you are not alone, surround yourselves in support groups or just support within the family works too...and research everything from evident based treats to what goes on inside the head. The best advice I heard when I didn't think I could make it...eveything will be okay...its simplistic but true....you don't feel like it's true especially when you are in the midst of the storm but it will. Good luck to all, my heart and prayers are with you.

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