The ASCENT Phone App: Recovery and Relapse Prevention Gone Mobile

New Relapse Prevention Phone App

A new addiction recovery service is using the almighty power of the phone app to help those who are sober to maintain long-term recovery. The ASCENT phone app, which combines around-the-clock virtual support from a team of experienced peer coaches, had announced in a press release this past Tuesday they just completed hiring their coaching staff and have announced the first … [Read more...]

The Importance of Self-Care In Recovery


If you have completed a drug treatment program, you realize that a brave new world awaits you--and it can fill your mind with uncertainty, doubt and even fear. You have poured every ounce of effort and determination in addressing your addiction, and now it is time to utilize the tools that you were given while in rehab and use them in real time. Once you are back home and back … [Read more...]

‘Chasing The Dragon': New Film Aims to Reach Kids About Drug Addiction

Chasing the Dragon

In the midst of the prescription pill and heroin epidemic that is gripping the United States, a new and shocking documentary film is shedding light on this ever-growing crisis. The film--titled Chasing the Dragon--is putting a face to the current drug abuse crisis and is showing that addiction affects all people from all walks of life. In an article which was published in … [Read more...]

It Works If You Work It: 4 Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Exercise and Recovery

We hear it all the time from people in 12-step works if you work it. In the context of recovery, this saying it simply stating the obvious. It order to get the most out of your sobriety and to maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve, you need to continue to put effort into your program of recovery. It goes without saying, but you need plenty of tools in … [Read more...]

The Online Addiction Therapy Program That Could Revolutionize Addiction Treatment As We Know It

Online Addiction Therapy

Successfully completing a drug treatment program is a major accomplishment that give you an overwhelming sense of pride. No matter how long your treatment program, the combination of medical detox, individual and group therapy, life and coping skills training and aftercare programs and sober living helped to address and overcome the issues that kept you stuck in the downward … [Read more...]