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Welcome to Sober Nation.com, the #1 National Recovery Resources and Addiction Treatment Centers Database on the internet. Our goal is to help the struggling alcoholic and addict while providing guidance to affected family members and friends. Aside from offering a wealth of innovative online tools to assist those struggling with addiction, we provide an extensive list of addiction treatment centers and other recovery resources that are divided into numerous categories and sub-categories. Overall, we strive to offer a home for everyone whose life has been impacted by this deadly disease.

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What is Sober Nation?

Sober Nation is a national information resource database that provides numerous recovery resources online as well as links to addiction treatment centers and directories. We assist recovering or struggling alcoholics and addicts and offer guidance to affected family members and friends, providing an online home with innovative recovery resource tools as well as a community of support.

Sober Nation was formed to provide an online community to those who are struggling with addiction. Our goal is to increase our recovery resources for addicts and alcoholics and to connect visitors who are still struggling with this disease with visitors who have found a solution. Our national recovery database includes an extensive addiction treatment directory that includes over 14,000 of addiction treatment centers to provide solutions and assistance to those struggling with addiction We have separated the facilities into categories such as drug rehabs and more. We have even gone as far as breaking the addiction treatment centers down by city and state.

The founders of this site know first-hand how important each and every tool can be in the area of recovery, and we will always strive to provide new and innovative addiction and recovery resources to assist each individual.

Addiction Treatment Centers and Online Recovery Tools

In addition to addiction treatment centers and recovery resources, Sober Nation seeks to provide information and assistance to individuals in all stages of recovery, from individuals still struggling with addiction to individuals who have accomplished many years of sobriety. Our list of addiction treatment centers and recovery resources include numerous addiction articles, a recovery Q&A to allow members to post questions and our Official Addiction Recovery Guide that is being developed. Explore the site for more information!

Interested businesses who wish to contribute to our directory of addiction treatment centers should email corey@sobernation.com or call 561-413-8119.