Open Your Mind to Recovery

At some point in life, many will want to consider what life really would be like without the use of some mind altering chemicals or substances. Unfortunately, some will never make it. This is because of the disease is so powerful, but also because the closed mind of a human being can be so devastated by clouded judgment.

Opening Your Mindopen mind

When you make the decision to open your mind to a new way of life, a process begins to take place. Then and only then then you may begin to understand the power of the disease. You begin to acquire tools that help you to get through the process of recovery. You find that not only do you learn when you hear, but you learn when you listen.

This is a tool we will call being open minded, and it will affect you if continue on to an enriching life in recovery.

Don’t Forget Where You Came From

After a period of time, a person may begin to feel as if they have become so successful at recovery that they only hear but they no longer listen. This is the process of the mind closing. Suggestions now seem like commands, and advice seems like control. Issues no begin to seem like walls that can’t be broken down.

Keeping the mind and the “tool box” open

In recovery, we acquire a tool box. We are free to put whatever we need to put in there to maintain not just sobriety, but our sanity as well. Each tool box is individual in itself and it belongs to its owner. What you do with it is your preference. If you choose to share your tools, this is how we pay it forward. If you close your tool box, you close your mind.

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