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There are numerous websites dedicated to helping individuals battling alcoholism, as alcohol is one of the nation’s most abused substances. Drinking is a hallmark of American society and social drinking which develops into alcohol addiction is as challenging as the hardest illegal street drug to kick, once the cycle of alcohol abuse sets in. Because alcohol consumption is legal, some may not look at its addiction propensity, due to the tolerance which progressively develops with regular alcohol consumption.

Binge drinking and underage drinking go hand-in-hand, and incidences of increased alcohol abuse in each category is on the rise, according to recent statistics furnished by the Center for Disease Control.  Alcoholism combined with illegal drug addiction can become a death sentence for those who are unaware of the potentially deadly effects that ensue from abusing the two substances. Many people who currently drink alcohol while using narcotics are too young to remember the story of Karen Ann Quinlan, who, according to Time Magazine, in 1975 consumed alcohol while taking sedatives one night, fell asleep and never awoke from a coma that kept her out of commission for the remaining 10 years of her “life”, even after she had “won the right to die”.

However, death from alcoholism can take a number of ugly directions, being that one of the most common of the leading causes of accidental death comes from drunk driving accidents, which claim untold innocent lives each year. Diseases including cirrhosis of the liver, various forms of cancer including pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer have correlations to alcoholism or heavy alcohol abuse.

Yet, as bad as the physical damage done to the alcoholic’s body, mind and spirit is, the resulting negative social impact of the disease upon every family member is incalculable. Children’s lives become unraveled when alcoholism is a factor, often leading to homelessness, physical abuse, violence, mental illness and early death for the alcoholic. Negative emotions including guilt and shame predominate in the alcoholic’s mental self-imagery, often serving the effect of intensified alcohol consumption, as denial is a large component of the alcoholic’s psychological mindset.

Due to the above scenario, it is critical that individuals suffering from alcoholism be guided toward self help groups in their attempt to recover from the disease.  The “12 step program” designed by Alcoholics Anonymous has proven to be a tangible tool for recovery from alcohol addiction and can now be accessed and followed online with feedback from members of the online support group community. Online alcoholism rehab may not ever completely replace face-to-face counseling, including group therapy, as encountered in A.A. meetings.  However, to those who are taking an initial step toward their recovery, the flow of support and strength to be gained from coming in touch with real people at online support groups for alcoholism can be enough of a stimulus to help one make it through one more day.

Following are a few websites which have online support groups devoted to helping people with alcoholism recovery:





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Dr Jacquie Damgaard - November 14, 2013.

For those who want to seek help, or additional help online - there are also some online recovery tools like an app called iRecovery ( that helps you manage your daily recovery activities and track your progress week by week. Another app, found at, makes it easy to track your mood and experiences, allows you to share stories, make friends that are on the same journey, and build an online support network to help you enjoy a successful recovery. All of this can help in your larger recovery program

Kenneth Anderson - November 24, 2013.

There is also HAMS Harm Reduction for Alcohol

Joan Donahue - April 9, 2014.

Are there any support groups in Northern IL? I'd also be interested in 'meetings' or links online. You're right - AA is not for me!

osman ali - May 18, 2014.

Negative emotions including guilt and shame predominate in the alcoholic’s mental self-imagery, often serving the effect of intensified alcohol consumption, as denial is a large component of the alcoholic’s

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