List of 12 Step Programs

Below is a list of Anonymous 12 Step Programs (Read more 12 Step Articles)

Alcoholics Anonymous –
Narcotics Anonymous –

Eating Addictions
Food Addicts Anonymous –
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous –
Overeaters Anonymous –
Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous –
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous –
Eating Addictions Anonymous –
Eating Disorders Anonymous –
Overeaters Anonymous –

For the Family
Al-Anon/Alateen –
Adult Children of Alcoholics –
Nar-Anon –
Families Anonymous –
Parents Anonymous –
Co-Anon ?Cocaine Anonymous –
Co-Dependents Anonymous –

Other Anonymous Fellowships
Cocaine Anonymous –
Gamblers Anonymous –
Dual Recovery Anonymous –
Emotional Health Anonymous – Emotional Health Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous –
Nicotine Anonymous –
All Addictions Anonymous –
Chemically Dependent Anonymous –
Crystal Meth Anonymous –
Dual Diagnosis Anonymous –
Heroin Anonymous –
Marijuana Anonymous –
Methadone Anonymous –
Pills Anonymous –
Prescription Anonymous –
Recoveries Anonymous –
Bettors Anonymous –
Bloggers Anonymous –
Clutterers Anonymous –
Emotions Anonymous –
Gamblers Anonymous –
Hepatitis C Anonymous –
HIV AIDS Anonymous –
Homosexuals Anonymous –
Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous –
Procrastinators Anonymous –
Recovering Couples Anonymous –
Schizophrenics Anonymous –
Self Mutilators Anonymous –
Spenders Anonymous –
Survivors of Incest Anonymous –
Trauma Anonymous –
Workaholics Anonymous –

Sex and Love Addictions
Love Addicts Anonymous –
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous –
Sex Addicts Anonymous –
Sexaholics Anonymous –
Sexual Compulsive Anonymous –
Sexual Recovery Anonymous –

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  1. Kate Wilson says

    Thanks for the great article! I love how you clearly parse out the difference between apologizing and making amends. I feel like it’s difficult to really conceptualize what it means to make amends with someone, and this was a great definition that would be truly useful to everyone. I came across a great quote about making amends: “Sincere forgiveness isn’t colored with expectations” (source: To me, this is essential — that making amends be done completely without expectations.

    Anyway, thanks for the great article!

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