List of 12 Step Programs

list of 12 step programs
Below is a list of Anonymous 12 Step Programs (Read more 12 Step Articles)

Alcoholics Anonymous –
Narcotics Anonymous –

Eating Addictions
Food Addicts Anonymous –
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous –
Overeaters Anonymous –
Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous –
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous –
Eating Addictions Anonymous –
Eating Disorders Anonymous –
Overeaters Anonymous –

For the Family
Al-Anon/Alateen –
Adult Children of Alcoholics –
Nar-Anon –
Families Anonymous –
Parents Anonymous –
Co-Anon ?Cocaine Anonymous –
Co-Dependents Anonymous –

Other Anonymous Fellowships
Cocaine Anonymous –
Gamblers Anonymous –
Dual Recovery Anonymous –
Emotional Health Anonymous – Emotional Health Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous –
Nicotine Anonymous –
All Addictions Anonymous –
Chemically Dependent Anonymous –
Crystal Meth Anonymous –
Dual Diagnosis Anonymous –
Heroin Anonymous –
Marijuana Anonymous –
Methadone Anonymous –
Pills Anonymous –
Prescription Anonymous –
Recoveries Anonymous –
Bettors Anonymous –
Bloggers Anonymous –
Clutterers Anonymous –
Emotions Anonymous –
Gamblers Anonymous –
Hepatitis C Anonymous –
HIV AIDS Anonymous –
Homosexuals Anonymous –
Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous –
Procrastinators Anonymous –
Recovering Couples Anonymous –
Schizophrenics Anonymous –
Self Mutilators Anonymous –
Spenders Anonymous –
Survivors of Incest Anonymous –
Trauma Anonymous –
Workaholics Anonymous –

Sex and Love Addictions
Love Addicts Anonymous –
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous –
Sex Addicts Anonymous –
Sexaholics Anonymous –
Sexual Compulsive Anonymous –
Sexual Recovery Anonymous –


  1. Shari Lynn says

    You are missing and
    under earners is an off shoot of debtors anonymous
    and arts anonymous is its own entity. And I have to agree with Bob not all the programs listed are actual 12 step programs. each program must file for permission to use/adapt the 12 steps from AA directly in order to be legitimate and follow the 12 steps and traditions per their program.

    • says

      Bob, What do you propose or that you feel should be done to make sure all 12 steps anonymous programs are what they claim and/or what should done about those programs that fall short?


      • Bob says

        There is not much that can be done. I would have hoped that a site like this which purports to be anonymous 12 Step groups would list just that. Bloggers Anonymous is a humor piece and Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters is nothing more than a free plug for a private therapist

  2. Ingz says

    Lol, Homosexuals anonymous!? I seriously doubt that is a legitimate 12 step program since the reason for 12 step program is mainly to help you become the person you really are, and not to push it away. These people should be getting help with accepting who they are in stead of helping them deny it. They say their gole is not to become heterosexual, but more like Jesus… Well, nobody knows what sexual preferance Jesus had since he supposedly died a virgin, and he never said that being gay was wrong. That came later, when the roman army kept having sex with little boys. So, actually, homosexuality isn’t wrong, but sexual abuse is. In my opinion what’s wrong is how kids are raised in religion. Raising kids in religion is okay, in my opinion, just tell them the truth, too.

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