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Massachusetts On the Forefront of Effective Opioid Addiction Treatment

It's Not A Crime To Be Addicted.-

The criminalization of drugs has led to the dehumanization of people who struggle with substance abuse, dependency and addiction.

In the United States, there is a conflicting view concerning drug addiction. On one hand, we recognize it as a legitimate illness for which there are respected and evidence-based treatments. On the other hand, we are quick to cast addicts in the role of conniving criminals who are plotting ways to use and abuse society and the people around them in order to score their next fix.

The truth is, drug abuse is a true epidemic of an illness that is sweeping the nation and the world. This is […]

President Obama Puts The Spotlight on Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Obama Image courtesy of www.whitehouse.gov/blog The national spotlight on prescription drug abuse has been burning bright and intense for the last few years. According to statistics provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), 52 million Americans over the age of 12 have abused prescription medications non-medically in their lifetime and 6.1 million American have used these medicines non-medically in the last month.

In order to turn the corner and start winning the battle against prescription drug abuse and addiction, there has been considerable dialogue amongst policy makers, law enforcement and concerned citizens alike trying to come up with tangible solutions. In his weekly address to the nation last week, President […]

Methadone Increases The Risk Of Death For Those Seeking Treatment For Opiate Abuse

methadone study

Are you or a loved one about to do into drug treatment for an addiction to opiates or prescription painkillers? If you are, you need to beware of the use of methadone during the detoxification process. According to information taken from a recent study done in England, the use of methadone increases the risk of death in those who are seeking treatment for opiate drugs in comparison to other treatments such as buprenorphine.

Behind the Numbers

Recently, researchers from the University of Bristol in London, England published a study in which they reviewed the records over over 32,000 patients who had entered drug treatment for opiate addiction between 2001 and 2010. In this sampling of […]

The Keys To Long Term Recovery

do you want to stay sober

We live in a culture of now.

In our sound byte, bite-size, micro-chipped here today gone later today world, we want results–and we want them yesterday.

We want flatter stomachs and washboard abs, and we want our debt forgiven and our hairlines to return to normal. We want to wash the gray away and diminish the fine wrinkles associated with aging. We buy specially formulated elixirs and hardened pieces of plastic and give our hard earned scratch to gurus in three-piece suits that have the answer to everything.

If only it were 1-2-3.

While we desire the ideal, reality will smack us square in the kisser and we will have to […]

Can Online Addiction Treatment Work? – Dr. Stanton Peele Says It Can

dr stanton peele

Online addiction treatment is becoming an increasingly popular choice seeking anonymous treatment programs they can do from the privacy of their own home.

In an age when people conduct their daily lives at the click of a button, from banking to dating, ordering food to booking a holiday, it is little wonder this should also include recovery programs for addiction.

But the big question remains, is online addiction assistance effective?

Of course many doubt the value of Internet programs, but their reach is unparalleled and evidence suggests they can work.

The Life Process Program, developed by renowned addiction expert Dr. Stanton Peele, is one such example of online addiction treatment.

Developed as an alternative option to standard treatments such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. […]

5 Types of Alternative (Non 12 Step) Addiction Treatment Programs

5 alternative types of addiction treatment programs

12-Step based addiction treatment programs have been the bread and butter for millions of recovering people. The reasons are simple: they provide the structure and effective therapy and counseling that help the addict break the cycle of addiction and embrace sobriety. These programs rock, but they aren’t the only game in town when it comes to getting clean.

Did you know that almost one-quarter of all drug rehabs use non-12 step programs? If you think about it, recovery isn’t a one size fits all proposition. You have unique and specific needs when it comes to getting clean, and while 12-step based treatment is very effective it may not be your best fit. […]

Why America Should Be Grateful For Their 12 Step Treatment Centers

heroin in thailand-compressed (1) Image source via zimbio.com – The Heroin Epidemic In Thailand.

A heroin epidemic in the rustbelt, meth labs on the borders, prescription medications flying out of the doctor’s office and everywhere there is the rise of potent dopamine boosting technology pumping our brains’ reward systems. But is America any different to any other country in this respect? In my view, no, not really.

I am a British addictions counselor running a predominantly 12 Step abstinence based treatment center in northern Thailand and so I am looking at this from the outside in. However, I am also located in one of the world’s largest opium and methamphetamine producing areas and I can say from my professional experience […]

How Do You Know If You Need To Hire An Interventionist?

how do i know if i need an interventionist?

If you are reading this article, you may have a family member or loved one that is struggling with substance abuse and you are at your wit’s end. The person that you love isn’t there anymore and they are a hollow-eyed shadow of the son or daughter that you raised or a lifelong friend that you considered to be part of the family. You probably have tried numerous times to reach out with concern and love in your heart, only to have your offers for help fall on deaf ears. You have pleaded, reasoned, comprised and maybe even threatening your loved one, but their substance abuse problem is […]

Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses – 5 Tips To Transition To Reality

sober living homes

Completing drug treatment is an important milestone that many addicts can hang their hats on and feel a tremendous amount of pride. As the days count down before they leave treatment and resume their daily lives, many addicts may feel a great deal of stress and worry. While the addict has changed while in drug treatment, the people and places that were familiar during their addiction haven’t changed. The thought of dealing with the temptations and urges of daily life while maintaining their new found recovery can feel overwhelming.

The fact is that recovery doesn’t end when you walk out of the treatment…in fact, the real work is just beginning. If you are newly […]

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

intensive outpatient centers

There may be certain situations where a traditional inpatient drug treatment program may not be the ideal fit for someone that has substance abuse or dependence issues. For example, those who aren’t in need of medical detoxification services may not be well served by traditional drug treatment that is offered by many treatment facilities. Additionally, inpatient drug treatment may not be beneficial for those who have important work or family commitment where any length of absence could cause significant and negative impacts on a personal and professional level. For people who fall into these situations, seeking treatment at an intensive outpatient center can provide the level of treatment they need that is tailored to […]

Faith Based Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

faith based treatment centers

Addicts and alcoholics face many struggles in regarding to coping with their addiction. For many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, the consequences of addiction severely impact their physical and mental functioning. For those who have strong religious backgrounds, there is the added struggle of questioning the strength of their faith in the face of addiction. Traditional addiction treatment programs may not address the spiritual component of recovery and thus may not be the best option. Faith-based addiction treatment centers are an ideal option for those with deeper senses of spirituality to pursue recovery from substance abuse. Combining traditional drug rehab services with a more spiritual approach, faith-based centers can provide […]

Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

luxury treatment centers

When people think of a luxury addiction treatment center, they may think of rehab programs set in posh locations with state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch amenities. People also may think these programs only cater to celebrities, multimillionaires or others of privilege. While luxury treatment centers offer treatment and services for the rich and famous, you don’t have to be a celebrity to seek treatment at a luxury treatment facility.

How Are Luxury Addiction Centers Different?

It is important to note that different types of substance abuse treatment programs offer different choices for treatment. When it comes down to the bottom line, the treatment and services provided at a high-end addiction treatment center are not inherently […]

Executive Addiction Treatment Centers

executive treatment centers

Drug and alcohol addiction can severely impact the lives of people no matter their age, race, orientation, socioeconomic status or family background. The stigma of addiction may be particularly pronounced if an individual has a high profile in their community and is successful in business or entertainment. For people who have success in their careers and have high profiles in their communities, finding a drug treatment center that will respect anonymity while providing high quality treatment is a top priority. In these situations, seeking treatment through an executive addiction treatment center is the ideal option.

What are Executive Addiction Treatment Centers?

Executive addiction treatment facilities were specifically created for the needs of business professionals, […]

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

holistic addiction treatment

For those who are struggling with substance abuse, making the commitment to enter a drug treatment program is a major life decision. Many individuals who seek treatment for drug and alcohol abuse who often do so through more traditional means such as through 12-Step based programs, medications and counseling and therapy. While these traditional programs are effective, some addicts may want to pursue other options for treatment that may better suit their individual needs and wants. Increasingly, many who seek drug treatment are turning to holistic addiction treatment centers in order to get sober and find long-term recovery.

What are Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers?

Holistic drug treatment facilities implement techniques that help recovering addicts […]

Non 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

non 12 step treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, finding the right treatment center can offer you a chance to break free from addiction and give you a new lease on life. Many addicts and alcoholics turn to 12 Step based addiction treatment programs in order to get help and support. While 12 Step treatment programs have helped many addicts establish and embrace lives of recovery, some who struggle with addiction may look for a program that better fits their personality and situation. For those addicts, a non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Center may be a more attractive option.

Why Turn to a Non 12 Step Based Treatment Center?

For those […]

Christian Based Addiction Treatment Centers

christian rehab centers

For many who are seeking treatment for their drug addiction, their search for the best treatment center that fits their individual and unique needs can be a challenge. In addition to trying to find treatment facilities that offer the best in counseling, therapy and aftercare programs, there are some addicts who are seeking a strong spiritual element as part of their addiction recovery program. For those who have strong Christian backgrounds, the traditional 12 Step programs that are offered may not provide enough of a spiritual base they need to help overcome their addiction. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of Christian Addiction Treatment Centers that are available for them to undergo drug treatment.


12 Step Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

12 step treatment centers

If you have already gone through substance abuse treatment or are about to enter treatment, you may be familiar or have heard of 12 Step Addiction Treatment programs. These recovery programs are the most commonly used by addicts and alcoholics who are seeking to end their substance abuse addictions and find recovery. 12 Step programs for drug and alcohol abuse are highly effective because they can be tailored to any addiction as well as any age group. For those who may not be familiar with the 12 Step from which these treatment programs are based, it is important to understand the history behind the 12 Steps.

What are the […]

What is Behavior Modification Treatment?

behavior modification treatment

Behavior Modification Treatment (BMT) is a practically applied therapy through which undesirable behaviors are decreased, while at the same time desirable behaviors are increased. This form of therapy was developed in the 1940’s by psychologist B.F. Skinner. BMT is a form of therapy proven to be very effective for a wide variety of disorders, and is applicable for both children and adults. Behavior modification therapists teach basic skills to patients, helping them learn self-awareness through developing new, healthier behaviors.

How Does Behavior Modification Treatment Decrease Negative Behaviors?

Disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other mental health issues all manifest through […]

What Type of Treatment Will Work For You or a Loved One?

Deciding to get help for drug or alcohol abuse is a difficult first step to make. Even if you know you have a problem, it can take years before you decide that enough is enough. Feelings of guilt, shame, fear, and uncertainty often stand in the way of an addicted person seeking help. If you’ve finally decided to get sober, you should be applauded for your courage. The next step is figuring out how you’re actually going to do it.

There are many different treatment paths that addicted people can take. Addiction is a complicated disease that manifests itself differently in everyone, and everyone who seeks treatment will have a different journey. Because of this, it’s impossible to guarantee that one type of treatment […]

Managing Withdrawal – Introduction to Series on Managing Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal

Withdrawal by definition means to take out, to terminate, to retreat from, to cancel, to eliminate, or to discontinue use of.  All of these definitions literally mean to stop a behavior.  In dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, withdrawal also includes a decrease in intake, not just a complete elimination of drug use.

managing withdrawalExperiencing a “hangover” after substance abuse is not withdrawal.  Although an individual may experience negative consequences after abusing a substance, this does not mean the symptoms experienced are symptoms of withdrawal.  Physical dependency occurs before withdrawal.  In other words, chronic abuse of a substance leads to a physical tolerance for the substance.  Since the body has developed a tolerance for the substance, stopping […]