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All About Recovery Inc.

All About Recovery Inc.

All About Recovery, Inc. has rapidly become one of the most reputable and distinguished outpatient treatment facilities throughout Southern Florida. Our team of dedicated, compassionate, and highly-qualified staff members have devoted their lives to helping newly sober addicts succeed in their sobriety, utilizing personal experience and years of professional involvement to instill each individual client with the tools necessary to maintaining meaningful sobriety for years to come.

All About Recovery – Addiction Treatment with Heart
The fact that most of our proficient and licensed addiction specialists have personal experience with addiction recovery truly sets us apart from the rest. Our team is truly devoted to treating each individual client on a highly personalized basis, taking into account all unique requirements and preferences. We understand that addiction is a comprehensive disease, one that afflicts the mind, body, and soul inclusively. Because of this, we combine trusted therapeutic methods of emotional and psychological healing with proven holistic techniques, designed to rebuild the spirit and strengthen the body. Our carefully designed continuum of care has proven successful in not only helping set a solid foundation for meaningful, long-term sobriety, but in instilling clients with necessary life skills.
Instilling Necessary Life Skills
Addiction is a devastating and all-embracing disease. It tears apart families; emotionally defeats, mentally overwhelms, and physically destroys until there is little left to an individual aside from a bitter and prevailing sense of desperation. We understand the state of hopelessness that years of substance dependency can produce – and we believe that every man and woman, no matter how far down the scale he or she has gone, is capable of achieving lasting and fulfilled recovery. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, and outpatient treatment as well as sober living are absolutely crucial stages. We pay special attention to instilling each of our clients with the tools and life skills essential to successfully reintegrating into society, and becoming totally self-sufficient and productive.
Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment
We at All About Recovery, Inc. pride ourselves on offering high-quality, gender-specific addiction treatment. Gender-specific treatment is invaluable for a variety of reasons, predominantly because men and women manifest addictive behaviors in differing ways. For example, men in early recovery tend to resort to anger and aggression as a coping mechanism, while newly sober women frequently develop eating disorders as a result of struggles with negative self-image. Separating men and women in outpatient treatment allows for these gender-specific issues to be thoroughly and adequately addressed. Additionally, eliminating co-ed treatment reduces the amount of potential distractions, and fosters the essential skill of fostering healthy and authentic relationships with members of the same sex.

If you or someone you love is looking for quality, gender-specific addiction treatment, All About Recovery is available to help.

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All About Recovery Inc.