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Is a Family Member Going to Treatment? A Basic Guide On What to Expect

Is a family member going to treatment in order to address their addiction? If you are reading this article and the answer is a resounding YES, you and your family are no doubt going through a wide range of emotions. You may be happy and extremely relieved that your loved one has finally made the […]


Luxury Rehab vs. Regular Rehab Facility: Which Is Best?

You’ve committed to entering a drug or alcohol rehab program, and you’re researching facilities. Or, perhaps you’re still considering whether you’re ready to undergo treatment. Now the question is which type of facility is better: luxury rehab, or a standard rehab treatment center? We’ll examine the advantages of both and demystify the suspiciously high success […]


Help Us Get This Life Saving Drug Out There

Much has happened over the past couple of weeks since I wrote “The Ultimate High.” It is awesome being back here with all of you again. I am happy to announce that I recently celebrated 3 years of complete sobriety!  This is the longest period of sobriety I have had since I found recovery 7 […]

ibogaine treatment

7 Ideas About Ibogaine Treatment That May Change Your Perspective

The United States has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the use of addictive opiate drugs, such as prescription pain medications and heroin. These types of drugs are notoriously addictive and detox from them is painful, so recovering from an opiate addiction without intervention and help is next to impossible. Even as opiate abuse is reaching […]

It's Not A Crime To Be Addicted.-

Massachusetts On the Forefront of Effective Opioid Addiction Treatment

The criminalization of drugs has led to the dehumanization of people who struggle with substance abuse, dependency and addiction. In the United States, there is a conflicting view concerning drug addiction. On one hand, we recognize it as a legitimate illness for which there are respected and evidence-based treatments. On the other hand, we are […]

Prescription Drug Obama

President Obama Puts The Spotlight on Prescription Drug Abuse

Image courtesy of The national spotlight on prescription drug abuse has been burning bright and intense for the last few years. According to statistics provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), 52 million Americans over the age of 12 have abused prescription medications non-medically in their lifetime and 6.1 million American have […]