Willingness….. Get Some!


Willingness  is a vital part of anyone’s recovery. Early on we can be humbled by what has brought us to down and that’s usually addiction or alcoholism. Unmanageability has taken us to an unfamiliar place in our lives and hopelessness can be prevalent. That’s where willingness comes into play. We have to harness that lack of hope and start somewhere, we have to be willing to listen, do work and regain aspiration for a better way of life. There is much for us to learn at the beginning of our journey in recovery, willingness is the starting point.

Always Be Willing

It’s easy in early recovery to take a suggestion, but you must be willing to do the work also. You look to others for answers, people that have accomplished something in their sobriety offer a lot to the newcomer in terms of helping them find their way.

One problem that is common however is that once someone is in recovery and has started to regain confidence and material things, they become less willing. We can’t let this happen, we must stay strong in our resolve.

Taking back the reigns can be a dangerous business for us, we need to stay diligent. Being willing is as important to someone with five years as it is to someone with five days. Alcoholism and addiction are described as a sickness and we are not miraculously cured from such an affliction but we can recover. Being willing throughout your journey will help you with that recovery, don’t be fooled by time and experience.


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