Ways to Keep it Green in Recovery

When you’re in recovery, you’re frequently reminded by others to “keep it green.” But what does it mean to “keep it green” exactly, and how do you do it? “Keep it green” means to stay fresh in your recovery by staying connected to where you came from and remembering why you’re sober.

No matter how many years you’ve been in recovery, whether it’s two or twenty, you should always try to keep it green. There are lots of ways to do this, but if you need some suggestions, here are a few.

keep it green

Do 90 in 90

Attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Newcomers to AA or NA are encouraged to do this, and as the years go on we may attend fewer meetings per week. Keep it green by pledging to do 90 in 90 and making it happen.


If you have any journals or writing you did while in early recovery, keep it green by digging them out and reading through them. You’ll remind yourself of your early struggles and how far you’ve come. Then, do some new journaling. Write down how you feel looking back at your past self, how you feel about sobriety now, or anything at all.

Revisit the Steps

If you’ve gone through all the steps, you know you’re encouraged to continually do numbers 10 through 12. Keep it green by redoing all the steps by starting back at number one.

Help a Newcomer

Spend some time with a newcomer to sobriety and give them your support. Helping someone with their questions, struggles, or doubts will remind you how you’ve overcome your own and help you keep it green in your mind.

There are lots of different ways to reconnect with your recover. Sober Nation, what are some things you do to keep it green?









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