VIDEO – Sweet Child O’ Mine – Personal Story

This video is dedicated to Kacie Erin Rumford

Kacie was a beautiful young woman when at the age of 23 Heroin took her life. Watch Kacie as she grows from an adorable little girl to a young woman, enjoying all that life has to offer. Kacie’s Cause takes over the week Kacie passes away and becomes involved in Heroin education and awareness by holding Town Hall Meetings, creating chapters and assisting those in need.”

Her father asked us to post this video, and of course we would love to get ore awareness to her cause. Please click the link below to visit the website.

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  1. Shawna crisp says

    I have been a drug addict since I was 12 years last relapse lasted for 5 years.during which time I did not see my kids at all.Now I have been clean for almost two years and I love myself and my life more than I ever have before.i am especially grateful for the relationship with God.

  2. Tanra says

    I’m thankful I am not a turkey. I am thankful for my family, friends and my dog Maggie, cat Annabel, fish Carl and Lazarus.

  3. Mariska van Kooten says

    I am gratefull to have a house.There where times I did not.I am gratefull to be clean and sober.It was hell always without money.I am grateful for an equal contact with my brother and not always being in need of help.I am gratefull for my really joyfull job, working with children.I am gratefull for anequal relationship with my parents before they died.

  4. mary says

    I’m grateful for my puppy, Deville… I have a good friend who I worked with for 30 years, at the brewery…he’s a great friend..a normie..but he suppierts me…I’m greatful for the Whittier earthquake, on October 1, 1987, the day I wwent into the hospital recovery

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