Support Groups for Meth Addiction

People grappling with methamphetamine addiction are certain to reach a point when they will need to reach out for help in overcoming use of the substance and in staying clean.  Really, the singularly best advice one can give regarding meth is “Don’t start.”  Basically, the fight begins with the onset of the rush from the first drag. Due to it’s ability to effect both areas of brain chemistry, which control “happiness levels”, in essence, burning the neurotransmitter or receptors out and disabling their correct functioning as mood regulators.

support groups for meth addiction

That is the basic underlying physiological action that takes place destroying ones ability to feel spontaneous joy, without using the drug to create the chemically induced momentary euphoria. The problem arises when the initial “rush” is over and the crack has been consumed. Due again to the biochemical nature of the chemicals that comprise meth, part of the drugs nature is to trap the user in a vicious never ending cycle of want for the drug. The desperate craving for this toxic mélange of kerosene, acetone, gasoline, lithium batteries, and ephedrine based cold medicine is guaranteed to have its victims strung out and unable to do without the poison unable to make it through detox because of meth’s crippling physical withdrawal and accompanying psychological pain.

Meth Takes A Hold of You

After social use spins into out-of-control, full blown meth addiction the horrors of the new lifestyle begin to take hold as the meth addict slowly succumbs to psychosis and a certain untimely and horrific death if unable to harness the addiction to the demon.  Unfortunately, it is by nature, chemically designed to do just that….render one unable to resist its killing field. Who ever thought of making this toxic brew for fun and recreation? Why isn’t the certainty of a painful death with continued use enough to stop meth addicts from using?


Because meth use strips the ability to apply straight line logic, to any problem, as the basic chemistry to hold the thinking processes in tact are destroyed, thru using methamphetamines. Brain damage from meth use can manifest as deep psychosis, requiring institutionalizing of the chronic meth addict who unable to break the addiction is left homeless and in debilitated physical health.  Often the ugly side of meth addiction in displays of anger, violence and aggression result in murder and accidental untimely death.

This video shows the importance of continuing care. Attending an Addiction Treatment Center is a good first step, but what really counts is how you change your life and your behaviors when entering the real world.

Therefore, it is encouraging to see the young victims, recovering meth addicts speaking out about their personal experience with the drug, and presenting the facts in brutally honest terms. Overcoming meth addiction requires a strong support system as the physical and psychological challenges of this particular form of drug addiction are ravaging people’s lives.

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    I am in treatment in my home town of Fitzgerald GA. I am looking for a sponsor. I can’t fine one around here and I have to have one to move to the second phase of my DRC Lite program. Can you please help me my number is 229-457-4267

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