Stages of Recovery

Recovery Does Not Happen Overnight

Recovery is a very subjective term, and everyone has a different definition of what recovery means to them. One thing is for sure, recovery doesn't happen overnight. There are stages of recovery that all addicts and alcoholics go through. The stages of recovery offer some insight into how sobriety is achieved.

Sobriety is more than being abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Sobriety beings a level of happiness and contentedness with life. These states are a guideline of what most people need to go through in order to find that emotional sobriety, that most of us are truly looking for.


stages of recovery

Stage One: Acknowledgement

In order to progress through all the stages of recovery, a person must first acknowledge that they even have an addiction problem to begin with. Once they become aware of this, they can move on toward sobriety. one can not begin to solve a problem or even begin to achieve any kind of goals without acknowledging what needs to be done.

Stage Two: Willingness

Just because a person realizes they have a problem, it doesn't mean they want to change it. In the stages of recovery, a very important step is becoming willing to change the problem, or at least explore and learn more about doing so.


Stage Three: Early Recovery

In early recovery, addicts usually enter into some type of treatment. It is at this point in the stages of recovery that they stop using, learn about addiction, and begin to learn coping skills. This is a very fragile stage where they begin practicing new behaviors and ways of thinking.

Stage Four: Active Recovery

In the stages of recovery, this is what most people to consider recovery to really be. Active recovery means that a person is monitoring and maintaining their sobriety. They are living the things they've learned, remaining open to change, and actively keeping their addiction at bay.

The stages of recovery have no time limits. Recovery is a process, and it is a never-ending one at that. Most people believe that when an addict has gone through all the stages of recovery, they will remain permanently in stage four. Recovery will be achieved through these stages of recovery, but it will never be complete. Ultimately, the development and change you go through along the way is the most important part.

There are also stages of addiction. Addiction is a progressive disease, and most people go through these states. At some point they cross the line into addiction.


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