SOBER a Film By Gareth Bowler

My friend Kenny faced his problems head on and went sober and in doing so discovered his way forward in life.


“Powerful and extremely moving.”

“The film holds the exact reasons for why I am overcoming years and years of serious clinical depression.”

“Truly inspirational”

“very very special indeed.”

“I have a lump in my throat and goosebumps from head to foot.”

“This is the reason I think health and fitness is powerful as a change catalyst” – Ben Coomber Performance Nutritionist

“really inspirational. What a story!” – Ali Jawad Paralympic World Champion Powerlifter

Sober is a short documentary shot in West Cumbria, a film about facing your worst fears head on and becoming a stronger version of yourself.

In 2013 I lost 10stone, from almost 24 Stone down to 14, at the start of this year I set out to make personal projects about people who’d went though similar transformations, I didn’t have to look far to find my first subject as me and Kenny grew up skating together and anyone who knows him knows his journey and is inspired by his transformation.

We set out to make a film about a career transition, about the strong person he is today going from his day job to what he really wants to do in life, but it wasn’t until we got deep into the 3hr interview that we started talking about our teenage years and early twenties, what really mattered in both our lives, a struggle we’d both gone through and came out the other side of.

What Kenny had to say in the interview was incredibly brave and it takes guts to put this sort of thing out there but the benefits far out weigh the negatives, the film has only been online three days and we’ve already had charities, schools and even a Paralympic world champion watch and share.

We hope the film can be used as a tool to start a conversation with at risk young people, a leading treatment charity had this to say – “it’s really important to be able to present recovery messages in an engaging way, and your film does this brilliantly.” Kenny and I just hope this film can be a catalyst for change in someones life.

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  1. lydia says

    I really got a lot of inspiration from this movie to keep going forward. I have been sober 10 years and had found myself here lately thinking that why not have a glass of wine or something here and there. And it just hit me. I want to stay sober minded for the “next chapter in my life” that I am actually currently in. When you get older and have possibly been through some health issues especially, health means so much. Why would anyone want to spend one minute feeling bad because of something like drinking and drugging. Its just not worth the few hours of fun you think your going to have.

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