Re-working Your Steps

Having some time under my belt now I’ve seen a few friends rework their steps with their sponsor. It got me thinking whether or not I should rework mine. I understand why people do it, it’s maintenance for them, I get it. I don’t know personally if I believe in redoing my steps however. In my opinion if you’ve done steps one through three thoroughly, you shouldn’t have to redo them. If you know you’re an addict/alcoholic and you’ve submitted to a higher power then you should know somewhere deep down at all times how important those three steps are and you may never lose that. Steps four and five are a little trickier however, those two steps probably involve some reworking at some point, maybe even a few times. Resentments build up no matter how thorough we are. Steps six and seven are a daily thing, we must continue to recognize our defects of character and work on them. Steps eight and nine are such an important part of this but if you’re doing step ten properly and every day then you shouldn’t have to rework eight and nine. Eleven is a daily process as is twelve and are a vital part of the program.


I feel like if I’m living in the steps and practicing the spiritual principles, then reworking my steps shouldn’t be an issue. Not to say either of those things is easy, in fact its difficult at times but it gets easier the more I practice. Besides I get to rework my steps every time I take a new comer through their steps for the first time. That’s why twelve is so important, if I continue to help a new guy and read each step and am thorough I get to do the steps again. It’s a great program and it never ends if you practice it properly. I believe that 6,7,10,11 and 12 require daily adherence but the rest you can do each time you read with someone that’s new.

This is all not to say that reworking your steps not vital to some. I think it works for some, I know people that don’t sponsor and going through the steps with a new comer time after time is not an option. I know people that weren’t as thorough as they could’ve been. Going through your steps again is beneficial to some. Maybe you just want to do them again to booster up a little. I guess what I’m trying to say is that to each their own. Either way it’s your program and you have to work it however you see fit, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself sober.

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