Quitting drinking may be difficult!

In the United States alone, a national survey showed that over 50 million people are dependent on alcohol. Of these 50 million, statistics show that 500,000 are between the ages of 9 and 12. Not only is it the most consumed drug here in the United States, it is also the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults. From alcohol poisoning, to drunk driving, we are not only endangering our lives, but the lives of any and everyone with whom we come in contact. It is important to educate ourselves and those who need help on the important factors of why quitting drinking can benefit themselves, their families, friends, and even help the individual long term, health-wise,both physically and mentally. Quitting drinking may be difficult for some, but with the right help and programs we have nowadays, it can lead to a speedy and healthy recovery. Alcohol is a drug which can alter your emotions, give you a sense of feeling either happiness for a period of time, or sadness, and for most people it is usually a sign of unhappiness in which it’s a way to escape and run from internal problems and conflicts within themselves. There are programs such as AA where the psychologists and counselors first evaluate the patients to see what the problem is, why and what is causing the overconsumption of alcohol. Once the problem is found, the psychologist then makes a strategic plan on what they can do to benefit each and every individual and hopefully find a solution. This is usually the most beneficial way. Living a sober life and showing that you are in control of your own destiny shows strength, courage, and most of all it shows that you value the life you’ve been given. Not only will you feel better, but you will have longevity on your side, and even a chance to educate and help others. Many times it only takes one drink for a life to drastically change. One drink can lead to two, two drinks can lead to three, and thus the cycle continues. Sometimes it’s easier just to say “No.” Let’s live positive!

quitting drinking

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