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Online Cocaine Support Groups

Here are a few excellent resources providing online cocaine support groups for cocaine addiction recovery. No actual endorsement or recommendation is intended by publication of this public information.

Online 12 Step Approach – Cocaine Anonymous

Founded in 1985 and patterned after the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Model of addiction recovery, Cocaine Anonymous is actively involved in helping people withdraw from addiction to cocaine, crack and other mind altering substances. The organization is a large nationwide resource network of community outreach groups who offer support, education and assistance at all levels of cocaine addiction recovery. Recognizing that cocaine addiction negatively impacts countless human lives, Cocaine Anonymous assists substance abusers reach recovery and ongoing sobriety, becoming of service to others as contributing members of society.

online cocaine support groups


Operating without requirements of fees or dues, members contribute resources to Cocaine Anonymous, making it completely self supporting. Similarly, the camaraderie fostered by the sharing of similar experiences of coke addiction forms the essence of support that makes this program outstanding in their successful program of drug abuse treatment. Based upon their mutual experiential occurrences using and subsequently confronting drug addiction, Cocaine Anonymous encourages the exchange of experiences amongst members as the underlying support system needed to overcome an addictive mindset.

Over 2.1 million individuals used cocaine last month, according to a national study. With more than 2000 groups in the U.S., Canada and Europe, Cocaine Anonymous is a source of tremendous cocaine support groups and addiction treatment information. You may visit the Cocaine Anonymous website for meetings and group information at www.CA.org ??copyright © 1996 – 2011 Cocaine Anonymous World Services, Inc. ?The Alcohol Drug Abuse Resource Center?An extensive online resource website can be found at www.addict-help.com, Established by Alcohol Drug Detox Rehab Treatment Centers. This comprehensive online resource includes information on drug rehab programs, drug treatment organizations, addiction recovery centers and drug rehab facilities, and informal support groups available throughout the U.S.

Online Cocaine Support Groups

Some of the online cocaine support groups on this addiction recovery site include, Crack Addiction Recovery, Families of Drug Addicts, Extrication and Hope For Cocaine Addicts, and C.A.N. Controlling Addictions Now. Ranging in membership size, these niche groups offer an excellent opportunity for real person-to-person exchanges based upon shared experiences combating addiction- Contact www.dailystrength.org , a place where families of substance abusers can find support for their role as caregiver, enabler, co-dependent in the addiction of a loved one. The treatment and assistance that family members are required to give in helping their loved one to end drug dependency is a specific area of treatment that must be confronted independently from the help needed by the drug abuser. Often, the opportunity to interact within the safe confines of online anonymity, with those understanding the trials of addiction, can have a beneficial impact upon all parties involved in the recovery.

Increase Your Overall Health

We don’t have much imperial evidence for this claim, but from experience, we know that exercise, change in diet, and mindfulness of others is always a great way to help cope with an addiction. Exercise can work very well with speed addictions such as cocaine, because the endorphin’s produces by your body can mimic the “high” given by Cocaine. This euphoric and “unstoppable” feeling can also be achieved through exercise. Keeping your mind busy is very important.


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