Mother of an Addict – Fan Submitted Poem

Mother of an Addict

I am the Mother of an Addict
This is not like being the mother of a child with cancer, diabetes, or aids
This is not like being the mother of a child who is serving with honor in a foreign land
This is not like being the mother of a child who lives no more and is mourned by all

I am the Mother of an Addict
There are no marathons or fund raisers for this disease, no sweet girls selling cookies
There are no flags flying, or bumper stickers to proudly acknowledge my child’s deeds
There are only tears and silent screams, what terror will the next knock or phone call bring

I am the Mother of an Addict
I see my child and I am not glad, for though I ache to save him, with relief I let him go
I see my child with fear and suspicion, as I hear all he says and I can but endlessly hope
I see my child and wonder will I ever know him again, hold him again . . . see him again

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  1. says

    On my third try in 7 years it was finally shown to me I dont know how to recover.A million times i was told i needed to one ever told me what to do once i quit. My third sponsor asked me one day that IF it were possible to hire someone to cure your addiction would u hire yourself. So quit trying and ask for help. Simple to say hard to do

  2. Megan Brewer says

    Thanks for sharing these great lessons learned from rehab. I especially liked #4. You definitely need to evaluate how you’re living and how that influences your behavior. If you’re not really living – enjoying life, taking care of yourself and helping others, you’re naturally going to want to turn to drugs or alcohols as a way out. It’s great you recognized that and that you’re now sharing this with others.


  3. says

    I was offered no other alternative after four stints with outpatient. I finally gave I. And went to rehab. Honestly I had been trying to hold onto a buisness, a home and a re,ationship in the midst of my addiction and I was tired….so finally listening and going felt like a vacation to me! So many didn’t want to be there and I truly did! It was a very tough facility with strict rules and it didn’t take long for my focus to shift to men. I made it three wks out of four before being discharged but FINALLY it started to
    click! Six more months of on and off relapse and here I am
    almost six years clean! Best advice I ever took because I
    too knew everything…. props to the author for sharing …. thanks

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