How to Quit Cocaine

Quitting Cocaine – What you Need to Know

Cocaine is a highly-addictive drug; many casual users find themselves quickly sucked into a vortex of cocaine use, withdrawal, and repeated binges. Cocaine produces a high that lasts a relatively short period of time when compared to other drugs – from just five to 30 minutes, and so cocaine users tend to snort, smoke, or inject cocaine with increasing frequency as they chase the elusive feeling of euphoria they felt at the beginning of their use. Once you’re spinning in that downward spiral, it’s almost impossible to stop yourself before you hit the ground. The only option is to quit cocaine for good, but it’s much easier said than done. If you want to quit cocaine, here’s some information that can help you understand what you’re up against and help you come up with a plan to quit cocaine once and for all.

Effects of Cocaine on the Brain and Body

Cocaine is a stimulant that increases the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in your brain. Usually, your brain will essentially recycle these chemicals, but cocaine stops that from happening, resulting in a buildup of neurotransmitters that causes the euphoric feelings that cocaine users experience. Cocaine causes feelings of alertness, increased energy, pleasure, confidence, increased endurance, and increased focus. Cocaine can also increase your heart rate, raise your body temperature, and elevate your blood pressure. It causes difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, itching, and dilated pupils. It can lead to a runny nose or nasal problems if snorted, and excessive use can cause paranoia and tremors.

Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal

When you try to quit cocaine, you can experience withdrawal symptoms – the severity of which will depend on your history of cocaine use. One of the strongest symptoms of withdrawal is cravings for cocaine (although they differ in severity and are not identical, symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are also felt by someone who is quitting meth).

People who try to quit cocaine can experience anxiety, depression, paranoia, hallucinations, fatigue, restlessness, appetite problems, and delusions.

How to Quit Cocaine

In order for you to quit cocaine safely, the best way to do it is in a detox center with the supervision of medical professionals. In detox, doctors and nurses can monitor your health. They may prescribe medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms. There are no drugs, however, that are FDA-approved to help people quit cocaine or ease cravings for cocaine.

Complete detox from cocaine can take several days, and the recommended course of action after detox is a stay in a rehab center. In-patient rehab can help you be successful in your pursuit to quit cocaine by providing you with a safe, controlled atmosphere in which to cope with cravings and learn to live without the drug.

Other Ways to Quit Cocaine

It is possible to quit cocaine without the help of a detox or rehab, but the do-it-yourself method isn’t recommended, because it can be dangerous, and it is less likely to lead to long-term sobriety. You should always consult a doctor before you try to quit cocaine.

No matter how you quit cocaine, it’s a good idea to receive some type of counseling. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you learn ways of modifying your thoughts and actions so that it’s possible for you to stay clean. Support groups, like Cocaine Anonymous and others, can also be a big help; a support system is essential to a sustained recovery.


Glad to be clean - April 5, 2013.

I struggled with quitting cocaine binges for 10 years. (20 years of total use, 10 years spent in relapses). My struggle came from having even one drink of alcohol... I would have an itch for cocaine... I did not want that itch, I hated it... It never went away... I ended up being diagnosed with add. I was so bad that I could not even clean my house. It was too much for me to grasp... I was overwhelmed. After taking 20mg of adderall each day for a month, a magical thing happened.... I had a drink ... And realized the craving that had been haunting me for 10 years was no longer there... After 6 months on adderall, I decided to try to wean myself off of it. I felt comfortable with things that would have overwhelmed me in the past... I also had no craving for cocaine..even after having a drink or two. (The first 6mos. Of straight abstonsnce from cocaine in 20 years... I am now off adderal and cocaine. 1 year strong. Cleaning, working, living and enjoying life without that Demon craving that haunted me.... I honestly think it was the adderall that flooded my system to the point of a dependency "restart". The craving that could have killed me is gone, and I love my drug free life.

Glad to be clean - April 5, 2013.

I struggled with quitting cocaine binges for 10 years. (20 years of total use, 10 years spent in relapses). My struggle came from having even one drink of alcohol... I would have an itch for cocaine... I did not want that itch, I hated it... It never went away... I ended up being diagnosed with add. I was so bad that I could not even clean my house. It was too much for me to grasp... I was overwhelmed. After taking 20mg of adderall each day for a month, a magical thing happened.... I had a drink ... And realized the craving that had been haunting me for 10 years was no longer there... After 6 months on adderall, I decided to try to wean myself off of it. I felt comfortable with things that would have overwhelmed me in the past... I also had no craving for cocaine..even after having a drink or two. (The first 6mos. Of straight abstonsnce from cocaine in 20 years... I am now off adderal and cocaine. 1 year strong. Cleaning, working, living and enjoying life without that Demon craving that haunted me.... I honestly think it was the adderall that flooded my system to the point of a dependency "restart". The craving that could have killed me is gone, and I love my drug free life.

Engaged to coke addict - December 14, 2013.

After being together for a year,my fiancé one night after coming home from a night of clubbing has living room set up with porn and coke. I am very sexual woman and do not object to trying different things but wasn't comfortable with using drugs. So he did the coke and wanted all nite sex marathon hard for me to hang cause wasn't doing coke. He wants to do this once a month says not addicted well I give in to this eventually I try coke to keep up with him I feel like I sold my soul to the devil.. I tell him how I feel and his usage has increased to every other weekend. I enjoy the sex but told him can't do this anymore. He say he will quit and I love this man. I feel like this has the power to destroy us if he can't

Just gotta want it - December 20, 2013.

I'm a little over three years clean from crack cocaine. It's very sad to hear that you're engaged to a coke addict. What you say may or may not be true. There are coke addicts and then there are coke users. For your sake, I hope he's only a coke user, but from your description, it sounds like there's a bit of a downward spiral present. I'm not sure where you're located. I cleaned up in Canada. There are subsidized rehabs. I think the States is different. Which is very unfortunate because by the time people are ready to clean up, they generally have no money. Also, I hope he's young, because statistically, 96% of people who go to rehab relapse in the first year, and the number is a little lower for those under 25. That's not very helpful, sorry. A really good thing that helped me was having a lot of support from people who loved me. It sounds like you really care about him, and that will definitely help in some way. Here's hoping a) you live in Canada and b) you guys live happily ever after.

Just gotta want it - December 20, 2013.

Also, you're not fucking clean if you drink, idiot. Alcohol is a drug too.

Just gotta want it - December 20, 2013.

That's directed to " Glad to be clean"

CONFUSED - December 25, 2013.

I always said its a mind thing....I hv lost my mind..I hv several cousins on crack.. I use cocaine .l use to use recreational...I always said ...I knw what im doing..I can handle this...20 years later...I want to stop soo bad..n I can't...I lost my sister..last yeat...divorce this year...diagnosed w job..I AM MENTALLY A WRECK! I hv no drive for anything...I hv three soo tired of lmyself..n all this.!.sometimes I wish I wasn't even here..I dont want to display this to my parents nor anyone else...I NEEd HeLP

H - December 28, 2013.

To confused: i too felt ur pain and hopelessness. I was terrified to tell anyone for fear or judgement And rejection. But there are thousanda of people who feel and have felt and are going through what you are. I got sober by going to cocaine anonymous. I told my parents (who are strict muslim) that i had a problem amd they were underatanding when i thought that they would disown me. Look up some local cocaine anonymous meetings and try it. It worked for me and thousands of others. Ive been sober for 2 years now and owe my life to the 12 steps and the program. It really works wonders.

used to be great - January 7, 2014.

I have no problem not doing it till I'm around my Frinds then they do it so of corse I want to feel good so I do it and we all work live normal law abiding lifestyle yet I know coke is no good for me my family or my pocket but I'm drawn to do it I used to think I was superp I. The willpower department now on second guessing myself Jesse any advice don't want to loose my buddies I. The process

Habibi - January 9, 2014.

just couldn

Jennepen - January 19, 2014.

Ben Sharf! U sound like my kind of person... :)

Mya - February 3, 2014.

Hi I m deaf female I have bad addicd cocaine straight 20 less years I really need big help. I have depression and axanily made worse down.. I don't know what to do now. Help me!

Tim Stoddart - February 3, 2014.

Mya - you have to call us! 866-317-7050. We will help you.

BossBoo - February 10, 2014.

Just Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm addicted to cocaine (Crack) and I cant seem to shake this Monkey off my back! I WANT TO STOP! But The Cravings Keep Coming. Im Losing everything and everyone Around Me That I Love and Loves Me Please help? Is there a Medication That I Can Get Prescribed that Will Help? # Desperrately Need Some Help ASAP!?!

Tim Stoddart - February 10, 2014.

Call us!!! 866-317-7050

AnonymousHank - February 12, 2014.

Tim Stoddart: what do you offer for help? I live in a South American country and need help. I need to control this before it ruins me. And after I get a little better I need to quit it for good. I don't want anyone close to me finding out that I'm an addict but I need to talk to someone who has cleaned himself/herself. I need to know what to expect if I continue using so that I convince myself completely that I absolutely need to quit for good NOW. My family is going through a member (my little brother) with cancer and I have to be well fast. I can't be another problem for my family now that the have their hands full. But I still tell myself that I can control it and that I don't have to completely quit. Which I know is bullsh!t but the addict in me is strong.

Tim Stoddart - February 15, 2014.

You need to call us. We will do whatever we can to help. 866-317-7050

scott - February 19, 2014.

Whats your hrs of operation?

matthew - March 16, 2014.

I dint think i was addicted to cocaine but now im thinking i am i regually use cocaine only half a gram every few days tho its 40 a time iv spent thousands on the shit im trying to stop it last night i used cocaine and it going to be my last time otherwise i will get addicted will i find it hard ???

Lila - March 21, 2014.

What's up mates, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say concerning this post, in my view its in fact awesome for me.

Andrew Ferruche - March 29, 2014.

I am losing the battle I just took medical leave went to rehab. Almost had 90 days adn I used. I am going to lose every thing in my lose. I have been fighting this for 30 years. I am going to die soon

Channing - April 1, 2014.

I'm too embarrased to get help but 10 years of cocaine use has spiraled into a horrible addiction, it sucks. I am a different person I dont feel normal.

carol - April 9, 2014.

I'm just sooo tired of this addiction. I have truly lost everything and have no money. Can someone please help me. With information of a rehab I can go to that is out of the St . Louis are and I can b there fir at lease 30days and takes people with no insurance and no money!!!! I want help really bad, someone out there help me please!!!!

Jennifer - April 21, 2014.

Yesss my husband can stay away from smokin coke for 6 months but then he relapses....its a pattern...we r in church..n I am a good family oriented woman that keeps him in track the best I can....We have a 9 month bby boy n everything else is great!!! But it seems he always fails nomatter how hard we both try...He tried it graduation day in 2002 n has been on n off since...and I can not take this anymore....He will just disappear n stay away for like 6 hours n then show up at my door at 2 or 3 am....same pattern for years....except now its like every 6 months....he already lost alot...n I know he dont want this in his life...but when the cravings come he struggles!!! I LOVE HIM...n other then this problem he is great...what do I do???

Melissa Wipf - April 27, 2014.

Hi, I've been on a four month coke soft binge now and I'm trying to quit. But its so damn hard. I was a opits\merphine aka pill addict for 10 years then I got clean for about a year then relapsed and started doing coke. I can't live this life anymore. Plz give me some advise cause I just can't shake this habit....!!!!!!

Emotionally Confused - April 27, 2014.

I just found out that my husband snorts powder. . . . . .he admits to having a problem but then turns around and says that he doesn't have a problem because he can stop at any time. Is it even a chance of hope for my husband because he was able to admit that he had a problem even though he turned around in the same sentence and said that he can stop at any time. . . . . .or am I just wasting my time. Don't know what to do, don't know how to feel. . . . . . .I need HELP!!!! I'm trying to not give up on my husband, but my mind is going a hundred to nothing and I really don't know what to do. How do I even go about trying to help him if this DEMON as they call is really that powerful and strong. HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME. . . . . .PLEASE!!!

Going to beat it - April 30, 2014.

I'm new to this..I binge twice a week...and it is getting out of hand and I refuse to allow this to beat me or any of you! :-)

save us - May 2, 2014.

I feel everyones pain

Alexandra - May 11, 2014.

I am a 24 year old girl who has been living in London for 2 years and last October came back home to Australia. I had never touched coke before London but all my friends over there did it every weekend, sometimes during the week. They would be these huge binges that would go for a whole weekend, we wouldn't sleep and would just keep ordering more and more. It is relatively cheap over there and we all started to spiral out of control. Now I am home and still addicted, I use it every weekend as does my boyfriend. We have both tried to stop but after one drink its all I can think about. I don't know how to enjoy myself any more without it. I get moody, severe anxiety, depression and such bad agitation all the time. It is horrible. I hate this drug, it has ruined me. I am broke all the time, I am angry, sad, sometimes suicidal and I don't know how to stop this. I am too scared to tell my family and non of my friends know just how bad it has gotten. I miss the old me.... I don't like the person I am now.

Tanya - May 11, 2014.

I'm 15. Soon I'm going to turn 16. I live in United kingdom and I'm addicted to cocaine. I've been doing it for a year. I can't not do it because I get very bad cravings. I have to have aleast about 4 to 6 lines everyday or every 2 days to feel okay. I have spent lots of money on it and I am in a massive debt. I need help. I cannot tell anyone from my family. I've been stealing and lying... I need this to stop

George - May 14, 2014.

I have been doing cocaine for three months. I didn't realize I had a problem until last week when I had these strong urges that twisted my stomach. I'm a father who has two young kids and a wife has a gambling problem. I do coke about once a week, but recently I've been doing it twice. I always talk myself in setting money aside for it. I don't drink, but I chew tobacco. I feel that without chewing tobacco I don't get the same high with coke. Its weird because tobacco has been a life long problem. I smoked for ten years, but then got married and quit. After being sober of cigs for 5 years I started dipping. Then about nine months into dipping I started coke. I have done drugs decade ago but mostly ice and it was just a few times. I had coke on ice and never felt any difference. Now I am older I have realized coke is very powerful and I just hope I'm able to shake it before my wife finds out.

garland schubert - May 16, 2014.

clean for years with god and AA

Randy - May 18, 2014.

34 now.... and have been addicted to snorting coke (3 grams each time i binge, which can be every 4 days for over 10 years now).... in recent it has cost me my job my girlfriend, my family I have no more money... once where i was considered by most to be quite successful. I have been to three treatment centres and gone through numerous 12 step programs. I have had tones of support and love... In my heart of hearts i want to live again. I have been blessed with so many good things but i can't seem to appreciate them over the drugs. I feel like a lost case to the point where i am starting to believe i have lost my soul and can't be saved i feel nothing no love or sadness. Spoken to people and they tell me i have not hit my bottom I'm not desperate enough or i don't want to let go, i feel like telling them i do but i get sucked back when i least expect it the longest i stayed clean was a year and 6 months and then after that 6 months then it was 3 months now i can't put a week together. I plan on going to Africa for business in a week or two for a month i know i don't use or drink when I'm away from home but the minute i land home i end up using almost the same day. I truly feel cursed or possessed.

Andre - May 24, 2014.

i am a user for ten years on and off and it justs steals everything from me i have tried to stop and ill go for a couple of months, and then ill see it in a movieor on tv or i see an old buddy shit like that. and ill go out and get it. I know I need to stop and i dont even enjoy it anymore. it feels good to just tell people this thanks for reading

derek - May 25, 2014.

I'm lying in bed right now and I can't sleep because I have been sniffing cocaine for the last 24 hours strait. I have been binging for about 8 years now. I tell myself every time it's going to be the last but it never is. Please God how can I make these cravings go away. This drug is the devil and it has kept me from becoming the person I could have been. Pleaseee help.

Jay - May 29, 2014.

disclaimer: im on my first NEGATIVE binge and i DO NOT like what im seeing.please excuse my run on sentences and rambling.i just feel out of wack right now but im being honest and sincere when typing this. Im a 20 yr old young man whose hasnt even been doing coke that long(less than 5 months) but tonight at my job was a sure sign that i need to stop immediately and get currently on my first real ADDICT binge and i don't like it at all.last night at work(i wait tables) i felt horrible..even while on it!it felt like i couldnt operate or function properly.i was speaking in a low scared tone all night i was mentally out of it. and doing it only brought me to a non depressive state(i felt like it was the only way i could think straight).i was slow and unresponsive and every everyday sympton from my excessive molly use came out to play(low self esteem,anxiety,depression)and tho i experience these feelings daily,tonight they really consumed me.i want to fix this problem quick. ive already decided to get a psychologist and book into rehab by the end of this watching all my dreams fade away and i want to honestly see a change in me quickly .any advice you can give.please help me! sorry for rambling once again.

Rob - June 2, 2014.

Words can't express how evil and powerful this drug is. I even using for 15 years. It creeps up on you and it gets to the point where u don't enjoy it anymore but u stll use.even after loosing job family and a property I still find a place for this evil thing cocaine in my life. I feel for all you people out there . God help us .

trying to help - June 4, 2014.

My partner was heavily addicted to snorting cocaine before I met him.He had a serious problem with the stuff. When we got serious and I found out about the issue I asked him he had to leave his circle of friends, move away from the area and cut all ties as a step to dropping the addiction (which I understand is extremely difficult)which he agreed to. I have never seen anyone in such a state before and it's so hard to watch someone you love struggle like that every day. My partner is doing so well having not been around drugs for at least 1 year now which is an amazing achievement and makes me so proud of him. I just would like to know if there is anything else I can do to help him through this as I couldn't begin to imagine how hard it must be every day. Please give me some advice so I can try to make things better for him?

skyman - June 12, 2014.

I'm shooting about a ball a day. I'm getting to the point where if I don't feel like I'm going to od then I'm not high enough. I was clean for more than 18 and relapsed about 5 months ago on pain pills after my knee surgery. Well I pretty much knew it was only a matter of time until I try coke again. So sure enough two weeks ago I got a call saying that my pill buddies got coke. I made them save me some for the next day. So I did some on Wed morning and I think I shot up Thursday night. It's been off the hook since. I'm losing everything I had gained back from being sober. The things I'm putting my wife and kids through is unreal! So I called a guy I've looked up to since I first started trying to get sober. He tells me to flush the shit and hit my knees. So I flushed what I had taken from the 8 ball witch wasn't much. Saying I was done after this next shot, cause I didn't flush that! Long story short I'm up at 6am wanting more when I was supposed to call Dan. Wtf!! Talk about hopelessness! The thing is I know I can't do it alone, yet I can't do it with help either. I don't know where else to turn?

Stephen Mckinney - June 14, 2014.

I am killing myself with cocaine, I have been doing coke for 15 years and I can't stop,have tried everything, rehab,counselling, moving job, moved different countries, nothing works, I have lost everything and fucked every opportunity I have had cause I am the problem,wish It would just take me,I am so tired of it all, I feel sick cause I know that something bad always happens when I do it, but still I do it,it will kill me eventually and that mum so she will also become a.victim thro me.How selfish is that, knowing that but still.I, I am beyond help.

DAC - June 15, 2014.

I stopped doing cocaine when I realized the purpose of doing cocaine was to run out of cocaine

Ne - June 22, 2014.

Lost my soul to the stuff and drove anyone who ever cared for me away

Sunrise34 - July 4, 2014.

I've been binging for about two years now and I hate myself afterwards, almost suicidal. No one knows and I do it by myself. As I sit here watching another sunrise, I know, just like I knew the last time and the time before that that this has to stop. I haven't lost everything like a lot of the folks here, but I'm definitely heading down that path. Every time I use, I feel like I'm selling my soul and loosing a part of my self that I'll never get back. I want to get help, but I don't want anyone to know. Please help

Islah - July 5, 2014.

My husband was a long time addict to crack before I met him. When I met him he had been sober two years. Now I realize he wasn't really sober for that long because about a year of that he was incarcerated...and that time doesn't count for much. We got married and he was sober to crack, but had a serious addiction to sugar and sweets. I could not believe he had to stop at every single store in the hood to purchase little Debbie's. Spend $3 to$5 every time. Clearly it is an addictive personality that he possesses. Anyways, we married in 2011 and he was sober until June 2013. What he claims his trigger was (which to me is a BS excuse) was that everything was being taken from him... I had gone to prison for something I allegedly committed in 2010, my sister took charge of our son after promising to allow my husband to take care of him... so instead of using this time to further the greatest reputation he had build for his work in the community he turn to crack, women, addiction, alcohol! I found out on a phone call in prison.... Think for a minute how that feels for a women to be away from her entire family... and her husband tells her he relapsed! He has never taken personal responsibility for his own addictions. He always tries to blame other people, things, situations. I got out of prison WAY BEFORE MY TIME BY THE GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD AS HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS... As they say BE careful what your wish for. I wanted to come out so bad to help save my husband... 48 the punt the whole community disowned me for being with him. People would literally going around saying that they would have helped me of I want with him. Well.... he just strolled in from a 5 day binge... I just told him it's either rehab today or the streets. Please pray for us! If I don't drop him off today somewhere I know he will keep playing this game.... (or is it a game)? How do wives/girlfriends/family members put their foot down to this Demon? I need a piece place to vent and tell my story hope you can ask give me advice.

JUST a LIL smidge - July 10, 2014.

Derik--- snap im laying on my bed right now not slept for 48hours done about 12tickets G but i can honestly say yh i have a habbit wen i get on it which depending on how the weeks month has gone, who ya been with blah blah u lot no wat i mean depends on how much i get on it but wen i do it i do it for 1 maybe 2 , 3 or even 4 whole days n nights , but adding to my problem ive got the biggest sex drive i no out off all the people i know and they wud n do all agree with that and so me n gf if shes here have our fun four hours u all no then i cannot stop wanking she'll be asleep next to me n i cant stop rite now shes at her mums n the last 48hours i see her for about 6hours but i cant stop playing with myself whilst on the coke n the coke just another thing to do inbertween the coke cock wanks n i cudnt tell u n express to u all how much it fucks me off!! missing work letting my gf down feeling like shit getting a sore cock all of that... but hands down the only time i get tempted n it all starts is wen i go round or out with friends then they mention it i say to myself yh y not have a couple then go home leave them doing wat they want then just starts going downhill wank line wank fat line u get the gist i swear this isnt healthy n it really bugs me sorry im a lil fucked atm (but least im off porn i suppose lol) so it may be abit gibber jabber but its the truth im addict to sexual activities (haha activities sorry sounded good) whilst on coke n my gf who i love very much is slowly starting to give up on me n i really dont want to loose her .....please any ideas people o n im 23 its prob been on n off for about a year any suggestions ........ but reading through ur comments of how its messed up ur lifes but glad to see people trying to do somthing about it i did take photos of some of ur comments so wen i feel like doing it i may have a quick read through n i think it mite steer me otherwise n i didnt or dont mean any offence in there im just thankyou u shared what u did, love to u all n WISH U ALL WELL AND CLEAN!! =) O JUST ONE MORE THING SORRY ABOUT THE LANGUAGE IM STILL ON IT XX PEACE

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