Resources and Information for Getting Help with Alcoholism and Addiction

When an individual is dealing with and struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, the prospect of finding sobriety and long-term recovery may seem impossible. As stated earlier, addiction is both a chronic and progressive disease in which an individual’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being is comprised by the abuse of substances. Once vibrant, happy and productive people slowly over time become consumed with the procurement and use of drugs and/or alcohol and their daily activities revolve around using substances and being around others who use.

Despite the debilitating nature of addiction, recovery is possible. However, the prospect of knowing where to find help and what steps that need to be taken can be a daunting experience. It may happen that the individual and their family may be exploring these options for the first time. It may also be true that an individual has attempted to get sober only to relapse and fall back into old, familiar and dangerous patterns.

The important take-away message is that despite the pitfalls and setbacks that may occur, the individual who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol should not quit. In order to fully understand the process of addiction recovery, one needs to both understand what the steps in addiction care and recovery are as well as the underlying goals of each step. It is important to note that the journey to sobriety and recovery is different for each addict and what may work for them may not work in the same ways for others.