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Questions To Ask When Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center

choosing the right addiction treatment center

If you are struggling with addiction, it can feel like you are scratching, clawing and fighting for your life. Addiction is a complex disease, and the chances of overcoming this disease are slim to none if you decide to wage war with it on your own. To truly break free from the tight grip that addiction has on your life, the professional help and support of a drug treatment center is your best chance at healing yourself, your family and will help you take back your life.

The importance of drug treatment in the recovery process can’t be emphasized enough, but knowing what options best suit your specific needs can be a challenge. Everyone has different needs when it comes to treatment and the path to recovery does not fit a “one size fits all” approach. With the different types of treatment centers and approaches, you may be tempted to throw your hands in the air out of frustration and feel like giving up.

It may seem like a tall order, but finding the best drug treatment center can be made easier if you know what to look for and know what questions to ask treatment providers. The following information can help you find the best possible options for your long-term health and recovery.

The First Hurdle: Understanding the Types of Treatment Programs

Depending on the severity of your addiction, there are different options that you can choose from regarding the type of treatment program. Intensive inpatient drug treatment is the most common type of drug treatment program, and people who choose this option live in the treatment facility and away from the triggers and temptations of their home environment.

While in inpatient drug treatment, patients receive essential services such as medical detoxification, individual and group therapy and life and coping skills training. These programs usually run on average of 30 days but can last longer depending on the severity of one’s addiction.

For those people who addiction issues are less severe, intensive outpatient treatment allows patients to receive counseling, therapy and other programming while being able to continue with their family, work and school obligations. With this type of treatment, detox is not a requirement for admission and patients receive care at the treatment facility several times a week and for several hours per session.

These types of programs are ideal for those who have completed formal drug treatment and are pursuing aftercare, and these programs are also ideal for those who may have recently relapsed. Outpatient programs, however, are not the best option for those who may have failed to complete drug rehab in the past, have been court ordered to enter treatment, or have underlying medical issues that require professional intervention.

Important Considerations in Choosing a Drug Rehab Facility

No matter what type of drug treatment program you are looking for, choosing the best treatment center for your unique needs hinges on a few important considerations which are the following:

What Facilities Fit My Needs The Best?

There needs to be a search not only a facility that fits your specific recovery needs, but the facility needs to have a proven success history in regards to treating your specific addiction. In your search, keep in mind,that the best facility that suits those specific needs may not be located in your immediate area.


Ensure that the treatment program that is being considered has the proper accreditation by the state it is in. Also ensure that the program is run by licensed and well-trained staff, both in the addiction and mental health fields.

Treatment Methods

The treatment methods implemented should have a proven track record that is bolstered by statistics of its’ success. These statistics should originate from an outside agency who is objective and impartial


In choosing a treatment center, ask if there are aftercare programs, and if so are they well-run? Do they provide referrals to other resources in the community?  Is there collaboration between patient and staff with regards to create a discharge plan once treatment is completed?


What types of insurance are accepted? If you are uninsured or underinsured, are there programs or grants that can help with funding so care can be provided? While provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) considered addiction treatment part of the essential services that are covered, you need to check with all perspective treatment facilities to see if your insurance will cover the cost of treatment.

Important Questions That You Need to Ask Drug Treatment Staff

In choosing a treatment center, it is important to compare services and evaluate all of options. In order to do so in the most effective manner, you should have a checklist of questions that you ask the staff at each treatment center you contact or visit. Among the questions you should ask includes the following:

1. Will family be able to visit me and take part in the treatment process?

2. If I need them, what medical services do you offer?

3. What activities will I be required to take part in? (i.e. 12-step meetings, individual/group counseling, different types of therapy, etc.)

4. What kinds of extra services or activities are available through the program? This could include anything from massage therapy to fitness programs.

5. What types of therapy models do you utilize and can they be individually tailored to fit my needs?

6. Will you work with me on a discharge plan?

7. If I don’t live close your treatment facility, will you help me find resources for continuing care where I live?

Have Questions or Concerns? Call Sober Nation Today!

Choosing the right drug treatment facility is important not only for your recovery, it is also a considerable investment of both your time and money. If you are unsure of what to look for and have questions on which programs best fit your needs, Sober Nation can help. We are the premier addiction treatment resource on the Internet and our experienced staff can provide you with the information and support you need to make the best informed choices. Don’t make second guesses regarding your recovery, and don’t put off your decision to enter treatment any longer. Contact Sober Nation today toll-free at 1-866-317-7050 and get help in choosing treatment that you help you heal and grow.



  1. bethany says

    I enjoy getting this daily on Facebook. my sobriety is #1 in my life. having that come first everything else that happens is good. Since I’ve been sober nothing bad has happened that i can’t handle, before i would run away and drink. I don’t need to do that anymore. Life is good. If anyone is interested in how i did it feel free to contact me.

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