Alcoholism is an Overwhelmingly Present Issue

Alcoholism is an overwhelmingly present issue.  It is a very powerful and damaging disease that is very capable of taking your health for a horrific downfall if left untreated.

With the consistent abuse of alcohol or someone suffering from alcoholism, there are short- and long-term effects on the body. But what someone may not realize is that the short-term all too often turns into the long-term and then you have reached an entirely new obstacle.

So what happens when you drink alcohol? Sure, it all seems like a good time…until you over-drink, become ill and swear off drinking all together!

First of all it is absorbed into your stomach, entering the bloodstream and working its way into your tissues.  Doesn’t sound too appealing.  Once absorbed, your body starts to feel the effects. Depending on how much you consume, as well as your body type, etc., the effects will vary.

However, one thing is certain, continuing to consume alcohol will bring upon you uninhibited feelings tied with possible dizziness, slurred speech, possible aggressiveness, emotional ups and downs and a sense of false well-being. Then you can look forward to the next day…the infamous hangover.  A typical hangover which results from too much alcohol will cause headache, nausea, and fatigue.

While many people consume alcohol and willingly endure these short-term effects without having any sort of trouble or difficulty stopping, some aren’t so willing to stop and become addicts. Alcoholism is more so tied with long-term effects of the behavior. While stopping all consumption of alcohol seems a reasonable fix, someone suffering from alcoholism cannot do that without suffering painful withdrawal and damaging side effects.

The long-term effects of consuming alcohol will most definitely lead to some sort of damage to vital organs such as the liver and the brain. Often times, alcoholism will lead to permanent damage. Other long-term issues entail a lack of good nutrition, as the alcoholic is focused on the drinking rather than eating properly. They also may suffer financially, as it is very difficult for someone to balance the disease of alcoholism and a commitment to employment.

There is a thin line between drinking alcohol in moderation and having it consume your life. Alcoholism often begins with casual and social drinking and then turns into a long-term lifestyle. No matter what your decision, to drink or not, the best thing you can do is be as aware as possible of all the dangers of alcohol running rampant.

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