Alcohol Use And Violence

Certain things go together in a good way and some things, like alcohol and violence, do not.

It is proven that the use of alcohol greatly increases the alteration of the way a mind functions. Someone who may be very calm and peaceful while sober may become violent and quick-tempered when drinking alcohol. Such changes in mental functioning play a large factor in the relationship between alcohol use and violence.

Visit any police precinct on any given night and you will not be surprised to see a good number of arrested individuals brought in for intoxication and violent acts associated with such drunkenness. Not only does alcohol act as a mood inhibitor, but it gives a false sense of security among its abusers.

Violence and alcohol related issues are a major problem, from households to college campuses and everywhere in between. As crime levels increase from the dangerous duo, it continues to emerge as a powerful and dangerous problem.

Violence-related injuries are also ranked high among those people who have been taking part in drinking activities, one of the most obvious being physical violence from one person to another. Alcohol use and violence and the effects they have on those involved are insightful reasons to not take part in drinking at all. Substance abuse in all forms has the capability to turn into an unfavorable situation. And despite its current legal status, alcohol is no different in such situations.

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