What Do You Do When Someone Asks Why You Don’t Drink?

 say when someone asks why you dont drink

Video Transcript:

Tim here. Sobernation.com

I’m doing another video because I was asked an interesting question the other day and it’s a question that I have been asked a bunch of times. I’ve never really had the perfect advice to give and I still don’t have the perfect advice to give, but I thought I’d at least share my experience on it in case anyone else is wondering about this which, I’m sure they are.

So the question that was asked fo me is, what do you do if someone asks why you don’t drink?

Usually, this happens if you’re out with friends, if you’re out at […]

Swimming Through My Addiction – A Story About Never Giving Up

Swimming Through Addiction

There is a familiar expression that goes like this: You’re either going to sink or swim.

5 years ago, I was drowning. I was drowning myself in $2.28 bottles of rare reserve vodka. I would take these pints of vodka with me almost anywhere I went. I would go to sleep, and wake up with them hidden within an arms length. I was making no effort to swim and I was sinking at a rapid pace. I was on the verge of losing my job because of my drinking. My roommate and life long friend had seen enough and he was fed up with me. I was deep into my alcoholism. My little […]

How Paul Churchill Got A Year Sober

paul churchill shair podcast Shair Podcast Episode 36

Paul Churchill has an extremely inspiring recovery story. Paul, like many of us, could not stop drinking. He tried over and over again to quit.

Paul dreamed to be an entrepreneur. Paul moved to Spain and opened up a bar. From that point, Paul found himself making a lot of money and running a successful after hours club. He considered blacking out as part of normal everyday life.

Eventually, Paul hit his bottom. He considered his drinking “borrowed time. He attempted suicide. It was an honest attempt and to his surprise, he woke up the next morning.

Tune into this episode to learn more about Paul Story.

In Episode 36, Paul […]

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes In Early Sobriety

Mistakes That Can Lead To Relapse

New sobriety is hard. Real hard.

There is no reason to sugar coat it. If it were easy, everyone who needed to be sober would be. Not only would they get sober, but they would stay sober.

I am by no means a recovery guru. I am a young man and I have been sober for a few years. Certainly enough time to have built up some experience in recovery.

I have seen many people relapse and I’m sad to say I have seen the same mistakes made over and over again. It sucks. A lot of these people I never saw again.

If you are new in sobriety, […]

Finding The Love and Community in Recovery

the love of the recovery community

This is my first episode published on Sober Nation!

Whoo hoo!!!!

Wrestling with addiction is not your average recovery podcast. I hope that you follow along and grow with me.

I have been blown away to discover the amazing community of recovery. I always felt it among the people I know in my personal network, but I am discovering that the internet gave me a whole new outlook and appreciation for the love and community that exists out there.

In this search of finding ways to promote my podcast, I am discovering all these new resources. I have found so many people who have been willing to help me on my […]

What Does Courage Look Like In Sobriety?

Courage in sobriety Recovery Elevator Episode 35

As I get to know people in recovery, meeting people in meetings, talking to people on this podcast, reading the stories from others who are making it in sobriety, I see the unmistakable common thread of courage.

We alcoholics in recovery are some of the toughest, focused, faith-filled bad asses around. That is not a myth, it’s a fact.

Maybe it’s because we have learned how to live with pain.

I like to think of this hard-earned courage as one of our secret weapons that a lot of people outside sobriety haven’t had the experience to cultivate yet in life.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about courage and […]

What’s the Difference Between El Chapo and the Sackler Family?

el chapo podcast That Sober Guy Podcast – Episode 61

Jason Smith is an author of “The Bitter Taste Of Dying.”

Recently, he has come under fire for his publication of an article entitled, Kingpins: OxyContin, Heroin, and the Sackler-Sinaloa Connection.

The article was raised a lot of eyebrows because he takes a very strong standpoint against the marketing platform of the pharmaceutical injury.

He argues that many times the doctors are to be blamed for the over-prescription of opiate narcotics. The reality may be that the lobbying and marketing system have created a system that puts patients and doctors against each other. Very interesting.

WARNING: This podcast raises very controversial issues both morally and politically. […]

Sharing Her Story At The White House with Arielle Spanvill

Arielle Spanvill at the white house The SHAIR Podcast Episode 35

On today’s episode of The SHAIR Podcast Arielle Spanvill now 6 years clean and sober takes us through her horrific battle with drugs and alcohol.  She started at the age of 12 years old getting high on cough syrup with codeine and quickly turned to narcotic pain relievers when her father passed away.  This was the catalyst for Arielle to completely disconnect from reality and her addiction began to unfold.

During high school around the age of 17 her anger and bitterness about her father’s death escalated and Arielle was soon experimenting with opiates, smoking weed and drinking alcohol as coping mechanisms.

During college she falls […]

6 Facts You Must Know About Treating Heroin Addiction

6 facts to know about heroin addiction

Heroin, an opioid drug, is one of the most addictive and dangerous of all street drugs that are commonly abused. Heroin addiction has become an epidemic in the United States, with usage rates having more than doubled among young adults in the past decade. As the number of heroin users has increased, so have accidental overdoses. This has become such a large and widespread issue that drug overdose has become the leading cause of accidental death for adults in America. Here are the top six most important issues in the field of heroin-dependency treatment.

Why is Heroin So Addictive?

Heroin is in a class of drugs known as […]

What It Takes To Get 5 Years Sober

How To Get 5 Years Sober That Sober Guy Episode 60

Hitting that 5-year mark is a big deal.

It has been said that around 5 years is when people “begin to pull their head’s out of their asses.” All time in recovery is valuable, but it realistically takes a few years to truly have perspective over life and recovery.

In this episode of That Sober Guy Shane goes through some user submitted emails, answers some questions and talks to some new comers about getting the past the first 30 days.

Also, Shane interviews Seth Manter and they talk about how life has changed now that Seth has gotten 5 years in recovery.

In this episode Shane […]

Myths vs Realities With Alcoholism And Why It Matters

Why It Is Important To Know Fact From Fiction Recovery Elevator Episode 34

There are lots of misconceptions and misunderstandings about alcohol and alcoholism.

In this episode I will reveal some of the realities vs. the myths in regards alcohol. For instance, many people believe that alcohol will bring out your true personality. I will dive into this myth and otherslike it in the podcast.

Also, I interview Omar. Omar also runs a podcast called SHAIR Recovery Podcast, which is also part of the Sober Nation Podcasting Network.

Omar shares his story with us and gives us insight as to how his life has changed since he has found recovery. He gives us tips to […]

Looking for Spiritual Freedom? Get Outside!

spirituality and nature

One of my top 3 books/movies of all time is Into the Wild

To me, it screams of freedom. Maybe it’s because I fell in love with the book in Jr High in the 90’s. I’ve always had my head in the clouds and the book kept my head there for a while longer. Watching it on screen after its release took me back to being that kid with her head in the clouds, and I find myself watching it over and over and finding new themes as an adult. As a teen, it was the escape from society that spoke to me. As an adult, it’s the freedom that Chris finds within himself […]

How to Talk to A Friend About Drug Abuse

Talking To A Loved One About Drug Abuse

If you suspect that a friend or family member is struggling with addiction, you can help. Many times an afflicted addict or alcohol with throw our signs for help. He or she may act in a certain way that draws attention. These action, may come across as arrogant, but the addict may very well be crying out for help and is too ashamed to come forth and admit the truth.

Helping a loved one is something we all want to do. However, many times the approach can be a deciding factor in determining whether the addict will become defensive, will be receptive to your help, or will outright lie […]

Cris Carter Pours His Heart Out About His Alcoholism In Response To CC Sabathia

chris carter talks about alcoholism

Cris Carter goes on the air to discuss CC Sabathia entering treatment, and his own personal experience with alcoholism and addiction.

To the rest of the world, this may just be another video. A moment where the public can reflect on what it must feel like to be an alcoholic. But… the moment passes by.

I can’t explain how much it means to have someone speak openly in this way. I get it. I get what Cris Carter is talking about. I understand that fear and that struggle and that every day there is always a nagging little voice reminding you of what you are. Taunting you with ideas and fantasies of […]

A Recovering Addicts Journey Of Healing

getting rid of negative thought patterns

When you are newly sober, you will have to figure some things out.

Mainly, who you are and what your purpose in this life is. Those questions can’t be answered by anyone else on the planet, but yourself. When I asked myself this question, it really helped to go back to the beginning and really, truly understand where my breakdown happened.

In other words, when did I abandon myself? When did I give up on myself and why? Why was I ashamed of feeling hurt by someone else’s actions, through virtually no fault of my own? Why did I allow others to treat me any less than I deserved and why […]

Finding A Spiritual Awakening – Interview With “That Sober Guy” [Podcast]

finding a spiritual awakening

On today’s episode of The SHAIR Podcast, Omar interviews a special guest. Shane Ramer is the founder of That Sober Guy Podcast.

Shane shares his experience with Omar. Shane started experimenting with drugs and alcohol in high school by smoking weed and drinking alcohol. Shane’s addiction progressed quickly and soon he graduated to cocaine and crystal meth. Shane quickly saw how Meth was taking over his life and he was able to abandon it. However, it led into his full-blown alcoholism.

When Shane realized that he had completely lost control he asked his wife for help and willingly went to a 30-day inpatient rehab. It was in rehab that he had […]

New York Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia Admits Himself Into Alcohol Rehab Facility

cc sabathia to enter alcohol rehab Image Source – NJ.com

Big news for Yankees fans.

Although it seems to come at a bad time for the countries most famous baseball team, CC Sabathia announced that he is checking into an alcohol rehab facility. The announcement comes a day before the Yank’s are set to play Houston in the American League wild-card game.

Sabathia issued a statement just after 1 PM. He admits that he is leaving at a bad time but also says that he owes it to his family and wants to give sobriety and long-term recovery a shot.

His statement is extremely heartfelt and in it Sabathia openly admits that he sees himself as a […]

5 Things Holding You Back From Getting Sober [Podcast]

5 things holding you back from getting sober Recovery Elevator Episode 33

In this episode, Paul reads an article written last month entitled 5 Reasons You’ll Never Get Sober.

For many people, alcohol is the comfort zone. It is consistent, it is comforting.

Sobriety requires you to get out of your comfort zone. It requires you to get honest with yourself. It requires you to be willing to make some changes.

You’re going to be exposed.

Sobriety is not free,  it requires work. Anything of value in this life requires work and willingness. It requires an open mind. Sobriety insists upon open-mindedness. Many addicts think that their ideas are the best ideas, but it was these […]

How Alcohol Kills By Inches (And You Don’t Even Realize It) [Podcast]

how alcohol kills you slowly Recovery Elevator Episode 32

The progression of alcohol is slower than most drugs. This may be part of the reason why alcohol is one of the more challenging drugs to quit for good.

In this podcast, Paul talks about how he justified his drinking by trying to make some changes. He made a choice to try and control his drinking by only drink 3 nights a week. He also tried to make the “geographical change.”

Paul managed to slow his drinking which created an illusion of safety, convincing himself that he was not an alcoholic. At this point, Paul moved to Seattle. He planned to leave his controlled drinking at home in […]

10 Quotes About Open Mindedness From Really Smart People

The Measure Of Intelligence is the ability to change

I felt like I got punched in the face.

I was in rehab. I was arguing with one of the clients about religion. I was working this guy, pointing out all the hypocrisy and holes in his faith. I was really killing it.

Suddenly, my counselor quietly walked over to a chalk board and wrote on the board…

“I’d rather be happy than right.”

I’m not sure what it was about that moment, but it just hit me. All this time, I had been spending so much energy on telling people what they shouldn’t believe in. I put a lot of effort into it. In matters of faith […]